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Hello girls, well so today is already one month since he left for boot camp, but I just get into the point when I can't wait more, the days seems longer than ever and I can't miss him more, I'm still waiting for a letter from him, but I really don't trust in the mail service over here, Is just one week and a half since he got my letter and the post office told me the answer should take from 20 to 30 days imagine, if it don't get lost, I'm tired of cheking the mail box, I'm tired of waiting I just want my letter now in my hands I can't wait more. I don't relly know what to do.
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My boyfriend just left yesterday and it was the hardest thing saying goodbye and watching home get on the plain.

I know how hard it is trust me I know, we donĀ“t even live in the same country and we were both in vacations in Sweden, I took my flight home and he took his one month before he starts boot camp, because he was suposse to start earlier but he had some trubles with the papers and we had another month for talk at least by skype and phone, but that was still great, having no news at all is the thing that drives me crazy. We are in the same boat girl so if you need to talk and ehenever you get desperate as me just send me a message.


He called his mother this morning telling her that he was okay. She txt me,I wish that they could have made another call. I cry every time I think about him and every time someone talks about him. I hope it gets better as the days go bye. Thank you very much.

It does gets better, except for those days, I'm feeling better today, I sent a message to his sister, and she told me, she doesn't have news either, but that he must be really bussy and no news is good news, but I should keep sending him letters, so I did I sent one today, and I felt closer to him, knowing he'll read it and know how much I miss him, his family is in Sweden and I'm in Mexico, I'm sure he sent letters but they have a long way to go, but I'll write him lettets every week and wait for his reply :)

I havent gotten a letter from him so I don't know where to send the letters.

His sister got the address on the second week on thrusday, since then we are sending him letters, but no answers yet, be patient it will come by the second week, I know is hard but afther you get his adress you start to feel better, until the days goes by and you don't have an answer but you will :) you are in US and will be faster the mail service between you, I wish you good luck

thank you so much

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stay strong! i know its hard, I went a year with only hearing from my Marine 3x including his christmas break.... I know exactly what how you feel, i was so close to giving up but ever when i heard from him my heart welled up and made me realize how much i care for him. if you need anything feel free to message me <3 Sophie

You know is that I can feel bad I can miss him crazy but dosen't mather how much I must to wait, he is the only one I want by my side, I must be strong is just is hard to know there is my letter somewhere, maybe even here in the city and I can't have it yet in my hands, I'm actually in Mexico thats what I mean about I don't trust the mail service, thanks so much for the support and I'll message you for sure if I feel desperate again ore happy when I finally get his letters.

=] hope you get a letter soon!