Eager For Ideas!.

I have been writing letters for my recruit since he's been gone. I was wondering if any of you have any creative ideas for things I could send him?. I've sent drawings on my letters, and song lyrics that he loves. I've also cut out quotes of motivation to send as well. I'm just looking for old, new, or any ideas. ^_^ If any of you have any I would greatly appreciate hearing about them. :)
foreverNalwaysHisgirl foreverNalwaysHisgirl
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1 Response Sep 5, 2012

You could could send him a sheet with questions to answer and send back, just fun ones nothin that'll take too long to answer. Um, definitely pics of yourself, I know we did it where we made signs and took pics with them they made sentences when u looked at them in order that was for a deployment but the concept would work...that's just what I thought up that I've seen done I love doing the quotes

ooohh I like the question one, and the pics with signs :) thanks for the tips hun. I love the quotes too. I'm going to do the questions one, and then try the pics soon.