Letter Info, This May Answer Some Of Our Questions

I had not heard from boyfriend in a week which was super unlike him, I usually get 2-4 letters a week and in the last week I'd gotten zero letters. But he is really close to entering phase three so I figured he was just busy. But today I got 2 letters from my boyfriend and one from my bestfriend who is also at bootcamp, they said that the mail is super backed up, there is construction going on on the San Diego base, the mail boxes are blocked off. So they either have to wait till Sunday when they are at church to send letters or give their letters to their DI's and who knows how soon the DI's send them. So he said that is why the mail has been super slow lately. Just a heads up to all you girls that have recruits at SD.
RachT RachT
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012

Mine has been consisent but I didn't get one today which is weird. He writes every Sunday and I always get them Thursday. Well I figured with no mail on monday I would get his letter from Sunday today...but no letter. He is still at Camp Pendleton for phase 2 so wouldn't they mail them from there and the back up in San Diego wouldn't make a difference. I ask because I know they are in the same company. I am just worried something happenend since I didn not recieve one and I have like clock work the entire time. Thanks for any advice you have!