My boyfriend is white and I am black as you can see. Yes people do stare at us and some black guys even yell out why are you with him. My boyfriend being an ex marine and all of course wants to bash their faces in but I don't let it bother me I like my boyfriend and he likes me frankly I could give a rats *** what other people think about us and they can stare all they want too at least theyre looking at a pretty picture
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You got it girl! Your happy and that's what matters. Your man will work through his issues with the comments in time. Everyone learns how to deal with ignorant people in their own way. Men in general say stupid stuff and frankly so do women, they are insecure with themselves and just want to try and bring you to their level.

Im white and my boyfriend is half black.Technically he is English, Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Czechoslovakian. Both of his parents were adopted so we don't know exactly what he is so he just calls himself black. We live in a small town and we used to get problems all the time. I just stopped letting it bother me and it went away... Just ignore it. I grew up in a house where race wasn't a problem. Hell, I have an Uncle that was adopted from Vietnam. He was one of the only colored kids in the town.

I'm half black and half white and my boyfriend is white. We've never had any problems with it. BUT we have had other problems and we always just say to ourselves its you and me that matters not any of the other people. If you two are happy then thats all that matters :)