Unwanted Phone Call!!! Please Help!!

So before me and my boyfriend even started talking I was with this guy named jerry we weren't serious because neither of us was ready for that well after jerry and I split up I guess you Can say I went on a few dates but they never worked out then kris came along the best guy for me hands down. I havent heard from jerry in over two months then yesterday all of a sudden he decided to call me tell me he misses me and insisting we hang out. When I said that's fine ill bring my boyfriend he said oh how serious are you too. I got really mad when he said that. Does it really matter how serious we are. I know he said that because he wants to sleep with me again. I guess what im trying to ask you all is do you think i should tell kris I mean I dont wanna stress him out anymore than he is but i also don't want him to think I'm hiding anything from him. I tried the whole ignoring jerry thing once before but he just won't quit and if he pulls me and Kris apart in any way I will kill him ans also mind you Kris is very protective of me its his instincts so I don't want to tell him anything that may send him to jail.
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I would tell him, no doubt about that.

I would tell him, trust and honesty and the two most important keys in a long distance relationship. If Khris doesnt want you to see Jerry then I wouldnt.. He must have a reason, just follow your heart. But dont make a decision you would regret later on.

I'd tell this guy what he wants to know. I would say look I'm with this guy he's the best thing that's ever walked into my life and I'm not interested in you. If you need a booty call I can't help you I'm not interested in you and we didn't work before. I wouldn't be calm and sweet about it either. Make this guy understand that you have no room in your life for him or he will just keep at it. And then I would do what the others have said and block his number. I would for sure not see him. If it were my guy I would go to him with this with means of asking for his advice. Be like hey there is this guy from a while back who continues to call and the one time I answered he wanted to hang out. I told him I was with you and not interested but he won't let up, what do you suggest I do? I usually get a reasonable answer when I make it clear I'm not interested and just need advice to get it to stop.

Get a new phone number.

I would not tell him just yet. I would NOT answer Jerry's phone calls or texts. Definitely don't hang out with him. If it continues and Jerry does not stop harassing you, either tell your man or get Jerry's number blocked. But every time you answer a text whether you answer nicely or not, it's just encouraging them to keep up the textin. Good luck!

I never would have answered if i knew it was him I recently got a new phone and was unable to transfer phone numbers. But hes the type of guy that will text me once and then If I don't txt back in shorter than five min he gets mad

I didn't text back at all one time and he called me thirty seven times I kid you not I had to tell him to leave me alone or I was calling the cops

Oh my gosh. That's like hard core creeper!!! How long has this been going on for? If its only been a few days, stick to ignoring him. If its been a week or more, block his number for sure!!! I feel like telling your man will just make him worry and since he's not here he will worry more. Sooo def block that dudes number.

Yes definitely I'm gonna wait a bit on it. But yeah hea deff on that creeper status

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