Happy, Yet Helpless...

I got the sweetest facebook post ever from Nick this morning :) he told me how much he loves and appreciates me and how a lot of girls couldnt do this (which obviously we all do it, but so many can't or dont want to put up with it) and how i keep us goin strong, i felt loved and super special. lol. The downside though, was when he called a little while later he was happy at first listening to my updates and rambling, and telling me about them splitting into teams and playing different stuff and his team winning...but then he got on the topic of why he is hating it there more and more. there are a lot of beligerent (sp?) marines in his platoon over there and he's getting really pissed off by it the more it goes on. Some of the NCOs arent separating work from play with the LCpls and stuff like that and people are being disrespectful to higher ups and basically its going to come down to everyone getting punished because these handful of guys won't just be respectful. And then the icing on the cake for him is he found out he'll pretty much be the only Motor T guy in his company when he gets back because the others either are transferring to the battalion headquarters or have gotten out, and he's super bummed because he wanted those last few months with his buddies before his EAS...it felt like the more he talked the less i could say to make him feel better. He still hasn't gotten me an address for care packages...yet talks about all the stuff he wants me to send him, crazy boy forgets to think of those things when hes actually able to ask someone for it. I just wish there was something i could do for him. He was super sweet and ordered me new tees and shoes that got here while i was at school...it was an awesome surprise (: I hope all you ladies are doing well, staying strong and enjoying your men :)

semper fi,

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That's great about the message. I hope those guys straighten their act up or that when they all do get punished people take their frusteration out on them because it's not cool, just suck up your pride say yes sir and gripe about it to your buddies, that's just part of how the world works.<br />
I hope things get better for him and that you get an address soon. Keep your head up girl :-)

I'm so happy you got a good message! I hope it gets better for him really soon :)

Me too! :) thanks

yay so happy for you girl and trust me im dealing with the same situation with Kris right now and the guys in his platoon its really hard but everyone should adjust lets hope ! Keep staying strong!! <3

Thanks girl! Can you message me your number again?