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I prob don't know any of you anymore since its been a while and I joined back in 2010. But anyways, since my last Marine and I got married on April 21st, 2012. We moved to Indian Head, MD. He arrived from Japan 1 month before our wedding but he had to report to his next duty station the day after the wedding :( so no honeymoon for me. Currently he has been doing some training so i decided to come back home and visit my family while he is away. Hopefully he will be able to come pick me up in 2 weeks!! His 4yrs are over in October of next yr..but he is seeking to we'll see how that goes :-)
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Aw congrats thats awesome news!!

Welcome back!

Thank you! It's so weird to get back on this site and see all new girls! I feels weird to hear ab other girls going thru bootcamp and I'm like wow..that was 3 yrs ago for me!

I know!! They have a lot of new and young girls! I was lucky enough to meet my guy after boot camp so I didn't have to go through that torture!! They still have some that have been on for longer than me and it's been 6 months or so for me. They just haven't posted recently so you may see some familiar names soon!

I'm Randi by the way. From Louisiana. My guy is Ryan. He is a reservist and currently home thankfully. He was in MOS school when I joined and was gone for 8 months.

Yeah, I joined this site in ' I feel really old when I read some of these younger girl's stories. I'm Tania :-), my husband and I live in MD..I'm back home now for another two weeks while he is out doing some training. Gahhh, lucky you!! Those months were torturous!

I bet they were!! The 8 months apart we had was terrible and I got to talk to him daily and visit twice!! Of course I kind of wish I had written letters from him. It's so sweet being able to have those!

Yeah, I use to read over those letters soooo much. Plus, I kinda think it's in the old days when u cldnt just pick up ur phone to txt them lol

Exactly. :) I found my grandparents letters and they were soo sweet. Maybe I'll make him write some just for fun lol.

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