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hey everyone! im new to this and i thought maybe i should share some of my story. i met my boyfriend at my work and we started to hang out and he asked me to be his girlfriend feb 20th and of course i said yes! hes amazing and so sweet, hes such a gentlemen. he was suppose to leave for bootcamp on august 27th but a kid dropped out and a spot opened in which my boyfriend filled in that spot so on june 30 th my boyfriend texted me and said he had bad news his shipdate got moved up and he was leaving in less than 10 days, i read that and started crying. he came over to my house that night and he saw that i had just been crying and he hugged me and said hed do anything for me and loved me so much and we'd get through all this and he wants me to live where ever hes stationed well my boyfriend left july 9th to parris island, sc for bootcamp he graduates oct 5. he writes me once a week sometimes one in two weeks but i understand hes busy. i love being with him, hes amazing and so sweet. i have 27 days til he gets home and i feel like this distance will bring us closer when he comes back. im not going to his graduation, he already has alot of people going and as long as he comes to see me ill be fine. will he get to be come holidays? when hes at training will he have his phone? i love this site it really helps seeing what other girls are going through and feeling :D
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It depends. He may not be able to come home for every holiday because of other people requesting leave. Like my boyfriends requesting to come home for New Years because so many people are requesting leave for Thanksgiving and Christmas. He's hoping he gets New Years though. He's not even sure if he'll get that. Just stay positive (: as for training after boot camp, he'll get his phone on the weekends for SOI. They usually have their phones, but they're just not able to use them sometimes.

Well I hope your boyfriend gets to come home on news years! This mainly cleared up all my questions thank you :)

Thanks! Me too (: and no problem!

hey =] welcome to the Marine Corps life lol to get straight to your questions... he can come home for holidays depending on if he has enough "leave" days to take away from the Corps or unless he is trainging he wont be able to go home.... at training it depends on how intensive it is, sometimes yes sometimes no.. =] stay strong hunny! feel free to message me anytime <3 Sophie