A Little Upset

My boyfriend is getting ahold of my parents to ask for my hand in marriage....everyone is on board and even happy for us except for my father. :( he won't even talk to me about it! My boyfriend is upset cus he won't be able to actually be here to help smooth things over. Its upsetting knowing that you don't have the support of ur family behind you on something that's so important to you.
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2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

do you know why exactly?

Yea....in high school before he left for basic we had a huge fight and broke up. My dads afraid that there is still issues between us that we need to work out. But he doesn't read the letters or the texts or listen to phone calls....he doesn't know the changes that has happened.

Ps. I love ur profile pic

that's awful but I am sure your dad will come around eventually. I mean marriage is a life thing you guys will have plenty of time to smooth things over :-) and congratulations!

Thank you! I am definitely looking forward to it