Engaged Two Days Before Enlistment

My Fiance Jeremy and I met on May 6 2011... I was going through the hardest time of my life, I had to switch schools, I was severely depressed, had PTSD, and was dealing with the after math of molestation... Jeremy and I had started talking on FB about two weeks before he invited me over to meet him. Upon first site I knew I was going to love him we spent that whole night together and he asked me to be his and I said yes in a heart beat. and everything went perfectly for 3 months.. until the lies started, he started turning to drugs, and lying to me about it so for the next 10 months we were on and off on and off and had gotten to where our parents hated eachother dating and we had no support to be together. 13 months in I had decided I would give him one last chance. He had signed up for the marines so I assumed his life was back together and that the drugs and lies were over... but I was wrong one day I kissed him and tasted the familiar taste of weed on his breathe and ended it... to later learn the next day he was planning on proposing. To spite him I went out with the guy he hated the most and that lasted three months but not a day went by that I could get him off my mind. Last Sunday I had decided it was time to let go of him and I left a note saying I was going to move on and gave him the last of his stuff back. That night I got a text message and we met up and we ended up fighting all night while he was drunk. He later agreed to walk me home which is when he asked me what I wanted... I told him him and he then attacked me and tried to kiss me... trying to be a good gf to my guy at the time I turned away but upon us talking a few minutes later and him telling me he loves me I ended up kissing him and the next two nights I was at his house as often as possible trying to figure things out since he was then supposed to leave on the 24th and I thought we had two more weeks to figure us out... I broke up with my BF the next day only to get a call that night from Jeremy saying he had bad news about his enlistment and I needed to come over right away. That night he told me the Sergeant called and was told Monday or never... my time went from two weeks to only four more days with the guy I really loved. That night while crying in his arms he asked for me back once again and without a second thought I said yes... The next night I was laying with him once again when he turned to me and asked me to marry him... thinking he was joking I joked around only to have him look me right in the eye and ask and of course I said yes... because in the end he is the guy I am head over heels in love with... these past two days I have been hell since then... Me and Jere have been doing everything in our power to fix things not just with us but with his parents as well.. and slowly I have gained some respect from them. Yesterday I had to tell him goodbye... He leaves for basic training today and I have to miss it due to Surgery... Decemeber 6th is his graduating 88 days away and while he is gone I want to fix things with his family and friends... I no longer care what people have to say I love him and although its currently a secret when he returns we will be married... Right now all I have left of him is a box of things he gave me and the marine necklace we are using for our engagement till he gets back...These next three months will be hell but I will prove to him I have changed just like he did to me... Love has a way of working itself out and although we will only communicate with letters I plan on making him proud...

My story with my soon to be marine husband <3
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Thanks :) It'll be hard I have no doubt... but he is out there making me proud and will come back as a marine <3

Keep that positivity hun. Look back at this when it gets hard it will help