Marine Gf/fiance Prayer

I know this will help me a lot while he is gone so I figured i would share it:

‎"Dear Lord, before I close my eyes to sleep, I pray thee, Lord, his soul to keep. Keep him here, safe and sound. Keep his boots on American grounds. Allow him trips to go back home. Give us time for our love to grow. But when the day comes, and we're oceans a part, give him peace to calm his heart, give him sleep to ease his soul, and keep his eye on the goal. Show him miracles throughout each day, so he knows that I am continuing to pray. Surround him with angels and watch over his bed. Keep him safe so his blood isn't shed. Give him the strength to survive each day, knowing your grace is never far away. Provide him with memories of me by his side, so he never once doubts that I remain SEMPER FI. You see, Lord, this Marine is my friend, my love, my life... and I pray for the day that he calls me his wife. I know he must first serve your purpose, so I sit and patiently wait... But if something happened to him let him enter your gates, because you see.. God, he is a selfless and sacrificing man, he's already given so much for the people of this land. My lips he can not kiss, and my arms he can not embrace, he sleeps alone in his rack in a bare and confined place. He's missed his mom's cooking and the hugs from his nephews too, this is why he is part of "THE PROUD AND THE FEW." So please reserve his pass, tell Peter to let him in, he's already gone though hell, don't make him go again... But please don't take him from me yet, Iraq and heaven can wait, I need to grow old with him, I want to join him at the gates. Can't you see dear Lord? As true as it already seems, I can't live my life... Not without my Marine. AMEN!!!
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I love this. While my marine was deployed this was my background on my computer so that whenever i opened my computer I would see that. It always helped me take it one day at a time. :)

My boy leaves today I'm doing my best to memorize it cause I know it will help

be strong but also remember that he doesn't expect you to be strong 100% of the time. you are allowed to break down once in a while. Just remember that after you break down you have to pick yourself up. You have to. Otherwise you will go down in a downward spiral. I've been there. Take it one day at a time. I was able to go down to see him off but my mom drove the four hours with me and I was so glad she did because i wasn't in any state to drive safely. It's ok to shed tears and be aware that he might not be able to get in contact with you, if he is deploying, for a few weeks to a month. Just take it one day at a time.