Feeling Blue

My boyfriend just left this morning for some kind of training in NC for 29 days & then he is going straight to CA for he thinks 6 weeks but doesn't really know. This goodbye was way harder than the goodbye for boot camp. I cried every night for the past 4 or 5 nights before he left & last night just balled in his arms before we left for the airport. All I have been able to do all day is cry. He was gone for 3 months, back for 18 days, then gone for three months again. It is so much harder than I ever thought this would be. I got a ten second call from him today before they took his phone but I want more. I want him back here with me. I know I'm just going to have to marry this boy someday because I love him more than anything in the world & can't stand to be without him in my life!
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Not to put you down..but my husband and I went thru 2yrs of him being stationed in Okinawa..out of those 2yrs I only saw him for 28days. Once he came back for good we were married a month later. I totally understand where you are coming from. Especially since I'm guessing that you are new to this. It does get easier to cope without being with them physically. Communication is the key..I'm guessing he is at MCT..he will most likely not be able to contact you while he is there..but once he's at his MOS you will most likely be able to talk everyday :-) hang in there.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about those Sunday calls! My husband (bf then) didn't take his phone so he had to borrow someone's...but those few minutes were worth it.

I'm sure you'll be able to do it :-)

Aww don't worry. I didn't get a call every Sunday either. Did your bf take his phone? When mine when he didn't so he had to wait around until someone else would let him borrow one.

Maybe they just didn't get enough time.

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It sounds like MCT, my boyfriend just left a few days ago for training as well! It's a roller coaster of emotions when they leave, every time gets easier though so I've heard. Just think of it this way, at least this time he's not going to be gone as long as before!<br />
Hang in there! It's hard but worth it to have such honorable guys as your one and only.

I feel the same way, I'm really new to the whole usmc thing. You just have to stay strong maybe you could pick up a hobby to keep your mind off it. If you ever need someone to talk/vent you can always message me!

I absolutely know how you feel I'm in the same boat! I've started a journal whenever I start really missing him I'll write in it. Maybe that would help you too? I hope you feel better hun, hang in there!

MCT ... !!! Be ready ... My boyfriend is very physicaly fit and he said MCT was bootcamp on crack .. he will.need a lot of TLC when he comes back. Hope he brought he phone so you can get your sunday calls .. :)

But there are about maybe 50 people in a group if someone messes up no calls .. he only called me once .. during the 28 days