I Just Feel Like Talkin.

It's the nights like these where i have nothing really important to say to him but i just want to talk...about nothing, everything, all at once. it's like i go to pick up my phone and then i remember, he's not simply in the field or on duty...he's gone and he can't use his phone. it sucks. and as much as he loves emails he does not want 900 to try to load when he does get wifi lol. so instead i'll just rant to all of you about my ridiculous need to talk. (sorry! lol) I've been watching the Bengals/Ravens game tonight its not as fun when i can't ask dumb questions or make absurd comments to nick not to mention my family couldnt care less about football so essentially i'm watching it alone which is very unenjoyable. I got the info for ordering class rings today and i realllyyyy want one cuz i didnt buy one in high school but they're like $600 so i will definitely be looking elsewhere for one since my parents won't pay for it and i doubt nick will be on board with that coming out of our account since he's already getting me a pricey ring and we have to get ready to move next year so lots of saving for a new house and such. So if any of you know a good site to find cute, less expensive engraved class rings i would love the info :) I hope all of you are doing well. If your man is gone hang in there and try to stay busy, remember he's missing you just as much. if you're with your man hope you're enjoying it as much as possible--especially if its only a short visit or separation is imminent. I love all of you for the awesome support and sisterhood yall create on here! Semper fi ladies <3

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walmart has really pretty rings. i didnt get a normal class ring. my parents had me pick out a ring i liked and got for me as a graduation present. at walmart you can pretty much pick out any ring you want and have it engraved. they have a really big selection of girls rings that arent the typical class ring style. <br />

awesome! thanks girl :)

Walmart carries class rings that range in price and they have some pretty girly rings too :)

I'll definitely check it out :) thanks girl

Awww I want to talk too!! (Not about football though sorry). My guy is gone in the field and can't text or talk either!! It is better than deployment though....it will be over soon for you!!! Haha and I don't know about class rings

haha, i dont really like talking about football but half the time i'm like umm...whats going on?? haha...so it helps to have him here explain it. I like to pretend this deployment is just a field op sometimes it makes me feel better as weird as that may sound haha. Hope its a short field op for yall!!! message me anytime you feel like talkin!

I agree with the ring idea! Soo cute! I have an official class ring and I never wear it. I wish I would have gotten a cute ring instead. <br />
Ryan is home too but I can only imagine how you feel with the distance. (he had his phone the entire time he was gone so I was lucky...just 8 month MOS training too. Not real deployment) but he is at work right now and I'm still wishing he was home. It's like after they are gone for so long you never want to let them out your site. It's like I'm trying to soak up all the attention I can get before he leaves again!! I must say, gettin to control the remote and watch chick flicks while is is at work is kind of nice. Usually it's a battle I lose lol. Good luck! Love this sisterhood too. I'm sooo grateful!

definitely soak up that attention! yeah i was jokin the other night that at least i could watch my shows with out having to fight for the remote or try to drag him off the xbox haha...though most days i know i'd rather be telling him to keep it quiet on xbox live while i study or argue over what movie we should watch than really watch tv alone. &lt;3

Yea definitely. Lol it's awesome having to fight for the remote lol. It's actually kinda fun. I usually cave if he agrees to massage me. :) but not gonna lie, I miss the chick flicks sometimes.

Haha massages are definitely my caving point as well! Sometimes I want to kick him and his buddies out so i can just watch chick flicks for a night but after this deployment I think ill settle for all the gory scary action packed movies he can find as long as I can have him beside me lol

Lol I completely understand!!! :) he will be home soon though so you'll be forced to watch all that mess soon!!!!

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I like chiquitito's advice on the ring! That's a really good idea, I didn't get a ring either so I don't have much advice there, have you tried googling it? Idk how you are about jewelry, I don't like rings much so I only wear my wedding/engagement ring, you could always look into alternatives like a necklace or bracelet also, it would be more individual and you could style it anyway.<br />
<br />
I totally understand what you mean about just wanting to talk about nothing and everything with him! When Ty was deployed I just wanted to share everything with him because I felt like he was missing so much! But you know you can always talk to us about everything or anything also :) feel free to message me if you'd like I'd love to just chat sometime :) Ty is home now but I know how hard deployments are and how lonely it can feel, there was many times I wanted to talk but everyone in my life didn't seem to understand, but don't worry girls in your shoes def understand!

Thank you so much! its definitely comforting to know i'm not the only who feels that way...and even when i'm surrounded by my family i feel soooo lonely and they just kinda go about their own lives and are like "umm, whats your deal" so annoying, but i guess i can't blame them for not understanding. I will definitely have to take you up on that offer to chat sometime soon :) I love the bracelet idea, i wear my one ring all the time but i'm not a fan of wearing a lot of rings.

What if you got a simple ring with your birthstone or something like that and had a jeweler engrave something on it (or even on the inside). It would be cheaper and you could wear it as a class ring. I have a few friends that did that and they were happy they made that choice, they said it was more versitile. I don't have one so it's just second hand advice but I figured I could pass it along lol

hmm..i didnt even think of that, i'll definitely have to look into it :) thanks girl


Thats what I did sorta, my mom got her wedding ring redesigned and took one of her diamonds out and designed my graduation ring and had it made for me and put the diamond in it and it has an engraving on the inside of the ring. Its super special to me and was a total surprise I think its way more meaningful and prettier than the normal class rings, so maybe look into designing something that will be meaningful to your for years to come