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As I am writing this out my boyfriend of two years is leaving for boot camp. I waited up until now.. Three-Four am..waiting for his last call. I am in tears and stressed out. He was supposed to leave yesterday morning and I went through the entire heart breaking good bye once to only have to do it again last night (which was harder the second time)..but they didnt have enough plane tickets so he had to wait an extra day. I thanked God for giving me one more night with him. I am doing my best not to cry because I want t be strong for the both of us. My eyes are burning from staying up and I am exhausted but I promised him I would wait for his call.

Could anyone give me advice as to how to deal with him NOT being around? Will it go by fast or slow..? Does the speed depend on how you look at each day?
I got the INSANITY work out which is 60 days. So for two months between college classes every day and doing the program every day I will be busy. However, I need to know how to cope with it when I am going to bed... I don't know about anyone else but, before bed is when I do all my thinking. How do I not get upset about it? I don't want to feel heart broken about him gone. I think I will be able to write him in two weeks from today?-maybe sooner? I can not wait for that..& I can not wait to receive his letter in return I know it will keep me going.
Any advice? :(
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hey mine just got picked up and will fly out today too! is he going to san diego or paris island? my first day definatly sucked, i cried more than i think i have ever cried in my entire life! i was there with his mom and sisters when his recuter picked up at his house, i keep replaying all of it over and over again in my head, and its awfull! i kept waking up last night wondering where he is or what he was doing, HOW he is doing, i just wish i could hear from him! i wrote him last night as well, only a couple paragraphs though, i'm trying to keep them as upbeat and happy as possible, i'm sure he knows i'm struggling, but for him they NEED to be upbeat and happy, something to encourage him. i'm also keeping a journal of all the things that happen that i feel like i should tell him, i keep picking up my phone to text but thats no use cuz his phone is sitting on my dresser, so instead i'm writing them down, the things that hurt that i can't tell him right now cuz he needs to hear encouraging things, not how hard it is, he knows how hard it is, also throwing in there things that remind me of him, things that if he was here he'd laugh at, or smile about, i've known him so long i can just tell how he'd react and i love that. i miss him so much already! i totally know how you feel!!! hang in there girl!! i've heard it goes by fast, the first week is supposed to be the worst

i am also going to be doing insantiy while he's gone his mom and i are going to do the program together, give him something to be proud of us for! i'll be doing that, working, and school, while helping take care of his younger sisters, its been reallly hard on the one, she's just a mini-girl version of him!

AWW!!! <3 :) and he is going to Paris Island. I can't help but wonder what he is doing. I wish I could text him too. He is basically the only one I text ALL day EVERY day haha. I feel lonely and I cried so much the first time I THOUGHT he was leaving. I almost got sick because of how much and the force at which I was crying haha. The second day..last night I cried also but NOT as much. however, when night time came HA!..yea I cried lol. I wrote him already too. Been trying to ever day. It sucks we can't send letters for about two weeks :(
I am also adding things into letters that I know will bring his spirits up. I have heard FROM MANY guys coming out of Marine boot camp that the psychological mind games is 50x harder to cope with than the physical challenges I am worried for him, but I KNOW he will do great. I just know it. :)
I know this first week is going to suck..especially since next sunday is our two years :( I told him I am going to light a candle at night and say a prayer for him that night. (I pray every night but you know) lol
Same here. I have hard classes (every day-Medical terminology being one of them @_@ ugh lol) I am also working on getting a job. I want to look good for when he comes back :D I agree-give him something to be proud of us for.
We will keep ourselves busy :)

I never went through the bootcamp but I did go through a 7 month deployment so here is my advice to you. It's ok to break down. You don't have to be strong 100% of the time. Doing that will get you depressed. I did that and trust me it wasn't any fun. College will help you keep your mind busy but nights are the worst. I never really found a good way to cope at night. Start writing letters now and when you can send him letters he will be really happy to get one big letter of everything you have been doing. :) I know this isn't much but I hope this helps some.

It helped. trust me. I am already writing him out a letter that is already about..two pages long. I miss him so much right now..But, it is what it is.
With deployment, can you guys skype-talk on phone?

It depends where he is deployed to. My marine was able to call me a couple times a week but he was on a base. He also had computer access because he is Intel so he was able to fb and send emails on a regular basis. This doesn't happen often. Most marines don't get to call or e-mail for a few weeks sometimes longer. Every situation is different. Skype didn't always work because of the connection but it was just enough to see his face which made me feel better. Also the time difference really sucked because when I was in my classes he was getting off work and was able to talk.

Mine is going for Intel too! :) How long has he been in?

He has been in for 4 years this november and he plans on re-enlisting for one more term.

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