Off He Goes:(

my boyfriend left yesterday for bootcamp and so far i'm completely lost, i miss him so much, stuff happens and i always think oh i should tell him about this and i pick up my phone to text him, then remember he's gone and he gave his phone to me. i lay awake thinking about how much i just wanna talk to him and wish i could see him. i keep replaying all of the things that happened the day he left from all the hugs and kisses to seeing his family crying to holding his sister and crying together on his bed after he left. please tell me this gets easier, im trying to find ways to cope with this but its so hard and todays only the first full day! i sat down and wrote to thim last night even tho he just left and we don't have his address but i feel like maybe it'll make me feel a bit better, i'm also keeping a notebook full of those random things that happen during the day that i feel like i should be telling him but don't wanna cram his letters (trying to keep those as positive as possible for him so he stays encouraged, he needs to know that everything is ok here) i'm gunna put some random pictures in it here and there and give it to him on his graduation so he doesn't feel like he missed so much and i can still feel like i'm telling him stuff, his mom and i have decided that we are going to get shirts that say proud marine mom and girlfriend and ones for his sisters and take a picutre of us all wearing them and send it to him so he can see not only that we are proud of him but that we are all doing ok. even with all this though, i still miss him so much, nobody can fill that spot left behind that only he can fill. any good advice?
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hey girl!! My boyfriend left on the 27th ( 2. 5 weeks ago) but is graduating on the November 30th due to health issues at the beginning!! I promise it does get easier!! Writing helps so, so much!! Everytime I thought of something I would write it down and it was encouraging to me. I also write him every night before I go to bed so I don't forget anything to tell him! Seriously them getting letters is like Christmas to them! They really need our support and to know we are there and love them and most importantly sticking with them thru this journey!! Feel free to add me on facebook! I am under Caroline Joanna. It is a picture of my boyfriend and I. Its pretty hard to get thru this journey alone but with the help of support you can make it!!! Stay strong girl!

Hey! My boyfriend left for boot camp at Parris Island on the same day as yours and I am feeling the same way. I miss him so much. It is so hard not being able to pick up the phone and see how he is doing or tell him about your day. I’m trying to stay strong for him because I know how important this is to him and that he would not want me to be moping around. But it’s hard not to be sad sometimes. I found that writing, either to him or just in a personal journal, helps me a lot. I just can’t wait until I get his address and send him all the letters I wrote. I’ve also been reading a book about a platoon’s experience at boot camp in Parris Island and it reminds me that he is going through a much more challenging time and he needs my support. The past few days have been pretty rough but I’m hoping that it gets a little better as time goes on and we can write to each other. Just trying to stay busy! If you want to talk since our boyfriends left around the same time, feel free to friend or message me! :)