I'm Upset... :(

So i got a letter from my boyfriend in bootcamp september 1st, a saturday. I sent him one the 4th, a tuesday, then another one the 6th, and then again another one the 10th and i haven't heard anything from him. I keep checking the mail to see if i got anything but nopee. it usually takes 3 days to get there and then 3 days back (from what i remember when my friend went to bootcamp) so i was suppose to get one yesterday.. if he got it. I'm kinda paranoid, what if i didn't send them right?? Ughh... i have to learn to be patient, i know he's busy.. but i have nothing to do to keep me busy. i don't move away for college till the 22nd and all my friends already started school, i don't have a job... so i'm just sitting here, keep getting up to see if i got mail. :( this is so hard.
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Sometimes they are just too busy or just too tired to write back. And then there's some DI's that will barely give them time to write at all.

i know :( this succkkkssss.

Mail has been backed up lately and he might be busy. Just relax and give it some time!! Keep writing him though. I'm sure he loves getting your letters. :)

really?? *siigghhhh* okay, thanks (:

That's what I have been seeing from this site. Everyone has been waitin weeks. :/