Don't Know What To Do

My boyfriend left yesterday morning & I feel like I have gone into a depression or something. Yesterday I could not go more than 10 or 15 minutes without crying and didn't eat anything at all. None of my friends know what it is like, so I feel like I have no one to talk to :( I haven't cried as much today but can't stop thinking about how much I miss him and way him back here with me.
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4 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Keep yourself busy, I went thru the same thing when my husband was at bootcamp. I wrote him everyday..sometimes twice. Just remember to try and not sound too depressed in your letters. They have it really tough and your his backbone. He will need your support and love. Once you get your first letters you will have a little sense of relief. And always know that no matter what the Marine Corps puts you thru, the moment when you get to hold him again will be worth every tear. Keep your head up.

Yeah, I felt like saying goodbye when he left again after bootcamp was harder too. But, it gets easier communication wise :)

Going through the same exact things. My friends all think i should break up with him, they have no idea how hard this is, but keep your head up. it is better said then done. in about 2 weeks you will get a letter from him, and you'll cry tears, but this time they'll be happy tears. i write him a letter almost everyday and it seriously makes me feel better because i feel closer to him, like i'm talking to him. good luck (:

Good :D

The first few days are they hardest. You just have to push through the depression and force yourself to eat and get out of the house even though it's hard. Things get easier in a way after some time. Meaning you get use to him being gone and how to function without them. But missing them never gets easy. You just have to find out what helps you to cope with them being gone. Good luck!! And remember, break through the depression and get out. You will feel a little better once you do.

You will never stop missing him. But you will think about him a little less in every other minute instead of every minute lol. But your going in the right direction!! You can do it!!! :)

I know exactly what you're going through, and trust me unless theyre going through the exact same thing none of your friends will understand! You just need to find things to keep you busy, hanging out, a job, reading, ANYTHING! & if you ever need to talk, let me know. Cause theres soooo many days when i just need to talk too.