Not What I Expected

my Marine has always let me rant to him and hes the one that always gets me thinking straight.. I called him to rant about my dad (long story short, my dad and I do not get along and doesnt support me at all) all my Marine said was "im sorry...." thats it =/ hes suddenly so different, ive only had like 2 txts from him all day and one 5 minute phone call when we used to talk all day everyday... im scared he doesnt really want an "us" anymore and is just backing away.
OorahHunny OorahHunny
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

He probably does want to be with you. I honestly wouldn't worry too much. Try not to rant as much. They have it really hard and get stressed easily :/ sometimes they hate hearing about our problems all the time only because they can't do anything about it cause they're away from us. I'll rant about stuff every so often, not all the time because I know his days are stressful, but then I'll go on to another subject that'll make him laugh. I totally understand what you mean about the dad thing. I have problems with my dad and my bf hates it. He wants to take care of it, but I don't want any drama. Try talking to friends about it. You can even message me! I'm open to listen (: especially since I know what you're going through. Just give him a little space. Try not to text much during the day and then call him every night. Try to be as positive as possible. I used to rant a lot and it would annoy my boyfriend. So, I definitely know what you mean.