I Feel Like I Messed Up

Long story short meet bf in high school and started to date while he was home on leave .He finally came home after 2 years after being station over sea and the deployment .Anyways for the past 2 years all he talk about how he cant wait to marry me and ask me to marry him .The other day we went to the jewelry store to look at wedding rings for the future .All he been asking is what color diamond I like because he wanted to buy me diamond earrings but my brother said he wanted to ask me to marry him but my brother do lye but don't know what to believe .Yesterday we kind of had a fight .I was upset that he always leaving and didn't want to tell him and it was the fact he bought me in to look at wedding rings for the future .We did talk about it throw the Internet and he told me I should just told him I wanted to talk about it later and not now .He say he has to get use to the real me and don't deny there a promble .He did say we are fine but why do I still feel guilty why do I feel that it mess up being together in the future with our planes .Whats going on ?
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

you didnt mess up. you just got excited and them leaving can cause your emotions to go crazy. for now i would say just give him space. i told my fiance before he proposed that i didnt wanna talk about a future unless he was serious about it. just tell him that you want a future with him and that you will wait till hes ready. dont rush him because that can cause a reverse affect. i had to learn that the hard way. you can drop little hints but dont push anything on him. its difficult because you just want it to happen. i completely understand. hope this makes sense and helps :) <br />