Looking For Advice About A Marine I Just Met.

HI, Ladies,

This feels strange to type out since technically I am not a GF, fiance or wife of a marine but I do like one.
I met him about two weeks ago at a Convention in a city far away from where I live and we had an immediate connection. It was a Scifi Con and when we met I was in full costume body paint and all yet he still wanted to talk to me. My friend and I actually saw him and his friends different times over the weekend and it was their idea to take us out to see the city before she and I left. My friend Jen even pointed out that he was BF material and she is a damn hard person to impress.
Of course we agreed and I could not wait, I felt silly and happy all at once. They took us out to eat and afterwards we went to this amazing spot on a bridge over looking the city skyline. We talked for hours finding common ground on so many different things, the more we talked the faster my heart beat and it was obvious that I really liked him. I was also in costume that day since the morning at also been the end of the con. He asked me to take off my wig and said my real hair looked better. After a beat he told me I was beautiful and kissed me. No one has ever called me that before or actually made me feel that way.
I have so little experience with relationships as it is but since that night we haven't stopped texting, flirting back and forth but neither of us were brave enough to call and now He is in NC for three months of training. I think about seeing him again everyday and hope I get to. I don't want to lose contact with him after such a perfect night.
The negative thoughts always creep in but mainly I am looking for any sort of advice on how to proceed with this since I know long distance is hard but I refuse to live my life wondering "what if?"
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im the same way as you with men. I met my Marine at a bar and we didnt stop flirting for months! if you feel strongly about him tell him, take the risk! If its meant to be it will happen! dont live with "what could have been." my hunny always tells me "thank you for telling me that you wanted me cause i was scared shitless you didnt feel the same for me." feel free to message me if u wanna chat more <3 Sophie