Happy, Stressed, Nervously Excited And A Bit Depressed All At The Same Time!

Soo my Marine graduated from is training school about 3 weeks ago and I had the pleasure of being there to watch him and bring him home with me. We got to spend 10 amazing days together and at the end of it all the day before he proposed to me! It was actually the same place we had our first date. Now we are engaged and are planning on getting married really soon! November 24th actually and that will be the next few day I mill get to see him. And even better, I get to move across the country to him shortly after! Thats where the happy/nervously excited part comes in. Im really stressing out, not so much about the wedding but more about moving. I have to move my entire life including my cat, well now our cat. He is currently stationed 1,000 miles away and not only am I going to have to drive that far, Im going to have to travel by myself. Its going to be a really expensive move considering Im going to have to rent a truck and then gas and such. Its just really starting to hit me how hard all of this will be you know. Not only that I am missing him like crazy. We've been apart for longer but its hard planning all of this through text and over the phone. I get in these moods sometimes where it seems like nothing is going right and i miss him and nothing feel right without him. I know you all know what im talking about its just for some reason really hitting me hard this time. Anyway if anyone has been through this moving situation before, any sort of advice would be extremely helpful. I mean anything from renting a house, to bills, to cost of moving. Thanks for listening everyone!

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i was just about to ask all the same questions since im getting married November 17th and moving to NC. i know they give like 10 leave days to get married but im not sure about them being given days to move the wife down their! once you find this stuff out, you should message me lol i have all the same feelings! good luck girl :)

First off once ur married they will give him leave to move you there and reimburse the cost by weight of the truck. I am from nc and we live here still so if you have any specific questions about housing in the area id be happy to help. Which base is he at? We rent an apartment in Wilmington that includes utilities and i am responsible for making sure everything gets paid and theres food in the house lol so if you want me to share what works for us i can. The benefit to offbase housing is if u find a place at the right price its easier to save money or have extra for food or fun :) good luck with the move!

Have you guys looked into renting an apartment? Living on base housing? Where ur gonna be staying once you get to him? If I were you I would plan all of that. He also should be getting PTAD. But he cannot submit for it until after you guys are married and he gets you put into the system. PTAD is when they give him 10 days of leave to get you there and get you settled into your new home. If you apply for base housing usually there is a waiting list. I read that one of the other girls mentioned the MC paying for you to get there and idk how that works bc when I moved in with my husband they didn't pay for our travel expenses..but you should definitely look into that. It's a lot of stress at first while you are getting adjusted to your new life. But nothing compares to living with your guy :-) if u have any questions feel free to ask me. My name is Tania btw :)

We've been looking into renting a house off base. There are tons available. And no I didn't know anything about PTAD but I will definitely look into that. I'm pretty sure we are going to have to finance the move ourself, I don't think the MC is going to pay for that. Thanks for your help! I rely appriciate it. I'm Janie btw

Usually living off base is cheaper..since you get to keep watever u have left from BAH. My husband and I live in base just bc I felt safer that way lol. Good luck with everything!

My boyfriend told me that the Marines will pay the expenses to move their wife after they get married....I don't know any of the details, but definitely something to look into!! Also, congratulations!!! Totally understand how stressful that must be, but so exciting at the same time!

I'm so excited for you guys, congrats! Do you guys know where he'll be ba<x>sed after all his training is done? Cuz I dont want you to go through all the stress of moving (by urself too) just to find out he's ba<x>sed on the opposite coast. Wait, he is STATIONED right now or is he in itb/soi training? If he's alrdy stationed, then yay! If not, and he's still training, he wont be able to live with you till he's done with ALL his training. Or you alrdy got all the scoop on this thang and i'm just being bleh. =D Still, how does it feel being a fiancee? lol

He is already stationed in NC and we are from LA. He's been there for a little over a week and has to take a lot of test and has been really stressed. I think the stress of me moving and the wedding is just adding to it....but we are both extremely excited! It feels amazing to be engaged to the love of my life and I cant wait to get my ring back! I had to send it to get resized and I miss it already. haha

congratulations girl!! Im so happy for you! I know how you feel about moving, im doing the same in December to be with my Marine... so stressful. feel free to message me anytime <3 Sophie