Slowly Becoming A Dual Military Couple

So the title says it all. In the next 2.5 years I will be a 2nd Lt in the Air Force and he will be in the Marines for at least another year after I commission. I'm so excited for this journey and just so excited for my own personal journey. I'm an Air Force brat, my dad was in 21 years. He is beyond excited to see me commission and I'm just excited to travel and be the first female in my family in the military. My boyfriend fully supports me on this and I couldn't ask for more. Anyways I got my uniform for ROTC today and just thought I'd share with y'all. Relationship wise we're still dealing with the transition back from deployment even though he came home in April. It's difficult to have to fall in love with a different man. We're working on everything day by day. Excited for the future though. Hope all is well!

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awww , you are such a stong girl. youll do amazing . power to you and the boyfriend. i know how the return from deploymwnt is. but you both are such amazing people doing amazing things

oh my gosh congratulations how exciting..good luck to you both!

thank you!


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