I Wanna See His Cutee Mushy Side!!

Sooo alex is stateside!! woohoo! thats is amazing because he wants to make me his girlfriend when he comes back to town, or atleast he says he does.. he sends me good morning texts everyday which is a good sign. and we skyped yesterday! i love skyping with him... i dont know but because of the major ups and downs that have happened im just not ready to get my hopes up. i love him... if i didnt i would have given up already. and i want to be his and i want him to be mine so bad, ive never wanted anything so bad in my entire life. i guess i just want to know if he cares about me the same way. only time will tell but it would be helpful to get some ideas and advice on how to get the musy cute side out of him when we text. like things to ask him thats gonna get me a super cute response :P
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2 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Theres really nothing you can text to get him to text something cute back besides reassuring you'll be faithful and how you feel about him my bf loves hearing that. Im glad for you I know lastime we talked you werent sure what was going on! I hope things work out for you girl!

oh goodness! now that hes stateside again and hes coming home in less than a month things are finally starting to figure themselves out! and im happy the way they are going! he sent me a kiss last night i guess.. it was a picture of him making a kissy face and he captioned it "i kisss you!" it was soo cute, and it totally made my night :P

Tell him how you feel, he could feel the same way.