When The Worst Thing That Goes Through Your Mind Actually Happens

so to start off everyone has seen the recent news reports on the embassy's being attacked etc. well my bf is currently deployed at one of those embassy's I wont say which for OPSEC purposes but still they're not out of the clear and I honestly just don't no what to do. I did get one brief text today letting me know he's okay and everything's alright. But how am I supposed to get these thoughts out of my head. we had 2 months left and now there sending more guys in so idk what the deployment will be from here on out its either going to be shorter or longer that we expected. Im just trying to find ways to get my mind off of this and it doesn't help that his mom calls me crying and scares me nonstop Im constantly thinking Im getting the call from her that he's gone. Please any advice would really be appreciated and any prayers! Thank you ladies so much <3
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hang in there pretty lady and when things do go wrong, call me! you know I am always here!

thanks jess love youuu

I'm late again!! I'm so sorry you going through this it sucks ***!! I've had a call just like that actually a few and it's the hardest thing to stay positive and it just puts a crappy feeling on the whole deployment because it hits too close for comfort. Hopefully by now you've had some better news if not surround yourself with family no matter what they think they will get you through this or a friend stop watching news and reading newspapers just ban yourself completely. it does get better hang onto the idea that there are people out there that have his back in all of it and they will try dam hard to make sure that happens - stay strong and i really hope things got better!!

Hey honey I can only imagine how hard everything is right now. I'm glad your bf was able to tell you he is okay. You are a very strong women, and he is a strong man. He will do eveything he can to come home to you. I hope its soon too. I know I would be feeling the same way as you. My bf is only at basic right now, but I am already preparing for the day he has to get deployed. I know its a bit hard, but stay positive love. My hopes and prayers go out to you and his family!. <3 We are all here for you.

aw thank you I really appreciate it &lt;3

Praying for you, I know you are scared. If he was able to text you and tell you he was okay then that is something! I hope you are able to hear GOOD news very very soon!! I will keep you both and your families in my thoughts and prayers, let us know what happens. Good luck and I know the best will happen!

Thank you !!! I really appreciate it il be posting an update when I know what's going on!

First off, *hugs*... I can only imagine how freaked out id be by the news reports and phone calls. I'm glad he wasn't hurt in the attacks and i hope you get more good/helpful news soon! Try to remember no news is good news though. Nick just told me theyve been given the heads up that their location may change because of the attacks... always a stressful waiting game. Just hang in there girl, you and Kris are in my prayers <3

Thank you so much Lex yeah I know it really is a waiting game with new guys sent in idk if hes staying there or coming home sooner who knows and I hope Nick is in a safer place once they move appreciate the prayers girl &lt;3

im sorry girl! thats no fun and it's so stressful... i know when i didnt hear from alex in over a month and then he randomly messaged me and said he got hurt i freaked out... turned out he just ripped the ligiments in his ankle but my head went straight to the worst case of course! but yeah the point is that its scary and im sorry and although i cant totally understand it completely we are all here for you!! i think he'll be just fine! hes strong as are you!!! and he'll be home soon!! :) you'll be in my prayers!

Thank you girl! that means alot &lt;3

I cannot imagine what you're going through sweetie. I don't know how I'd handle that. I really don't know what I'll do if I get a call saying that something like this has happened to the love of my life. I'm worried about this happening to my love & he hasn't left for basic yet. He is telling me that he will come home but I'm just so scared. I will try & be here & help you. I believe that everything is going to be alright. If you've heard word that he's okay then he's okay. Take it a day at a time. I know it's hard to not think about it.. I know. I will Pray for you and your loved one. I hope everything will be okay. If you would like to talk, you can message me. :)

Aw Thank you! its times like these that I wish I knew how good I had it when he was back home or back from basic ya know? Like you shouldn't worry at all yet he hasn't left for basic yet! When the time comes and he does deploy you will be much more prepared then you are right now! I promise you that! Thank you for the prayers and thoughts I am just trying to take this one day at a time and hopefully what's going on over there gets resolved soon. message me anytime girl! and thanks again &lt;3