The Inlaws!

Soo when my bf gets back, were finally getting engaged! The only problem is his parents. I can never seem to impress them. Ever since he left, I tried interacting with them and talking to them. But they never want to talk to me. I try to be civil with them for Brandon, but lord I do not like them! Brandon always talked about how they would always talk crap about me before he left. This is sooo stressful! But on the good note, my parents love him and are looking forward to our engagement! :-)
allisonpearson allisonpearson
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2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

Thankk you, thats what I'm trying to do!

Just ignore there nasty comments and stay smiling and super nice to them! In time they will see what a great person you are are how much you love their son.