I. Love. Skype.

well just got off of skype with alex!! man i tell you he is just the best!! when i skype with him nothing else matters... and i never want the call to end. Since he is back its much easier to talk to him. There isnt a time difference and he gets off work at like noon! we never run out of stuff to talk about when we skype either. his buddy came in the room today and said "wow you were right! she really is as pretty as you say." i cannot even begin to express how good that made me feel. i cant wait for october.. it just needs to hurry up and get here so i can be with alex in person, be in his arms, and finally be his girl for real. i mean right now we are pretty much together, but nothing has been made official because we are gonna wait till hes home and do all that in person. im so excited for our little reunion, i mean he is already so important to me and over the last 2 years of being only a thing because of distance and deployment and stuff it feels great to finally be serious. i finally feel wanted.
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2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

aw i'm so glad things are working out for both you!!

I'm so glad you had a good talk!! This made me smile :)

im glad it made you smile. if you have read any of my other stories, most are about how confused i was because before i felt like we would never amount to anything more than we were and i was frustrated ad lonely and a lot of other things, buut its completely different now! :)

I'm so glad :) nothing better than getting it all figured out and having a smile on your face because of your guy! I did read your stories so I was happy you are in a better place now.