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I know we've all heard about the terrible things happening to our embassies and to our representatives around the world. First off to all the ladies on here with Marines who are deployed, either to an embassy or wherever, I want to say thank you for your bravery and for being there for your man!! You are so special and I am praying for your peace and that good news come to you quickly about your Marines safety.

I am worried about all of this because I can't help but wonder if this means we are about to go through our Marines being deployed like after 9/11. I know this is what they do and it is what we love about them, their willingness to go and defend their country, but I am so scared for my fiance and for all of your men as well. SO, to us's hoping that each and every one of them, no matter where they end up, will come home safe and sound, and that we all can look back and be so proud of our Marines and their courage! Thank God for these brave men who protect us. I'm so proud to be a Marine's girl and I know you all are, too. I hope you all have a restful night...thank you for being the strong and amazing women you are!

Semper Fi!
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AJ and I were in South Africa and honestly we cut the world out our lives because we just wanted us time when we walked past a newspaper and AJ zoned in on it looked at me and hid it behind his back i looked at him and like what now and he said nothing we on our honeymoon we saw nothing an hour later i'm like out with it whats going on and he told me and i'm like so what does it mean and he said he had no idea. anyway long story short AJ checked his emails and the Hawaii command had basically put everyone on a 24 hours notice for deployment i really thought our honeymoon would be cut short but was more worried about how we'd get AJ back in 24 hours we actually started packing and my heart was going a million miles a minute when my cousin rushed in and said my dad was on Skype and he told AJ if he came home early he'd kick his *** the 24 hours didnt apply for the people already on leave - its dam scary. only afterwards did I realize we how we had reacted had come so naturally i was already in deployment mode what to do how to get home who to call the usual stuff the crazy thing is it came so quickly and so fast that i didnt even realize until afterwards - now that we home though we kind of waiting with baited breath to see what happens. i'm adding to what you said which i completely agree with its their job the only thing we can do is support them and each other!!

I am sorry you had to worry about this on your honeymoon!! Hope it was great though :) just have to say, you amaze me-it is kind of of awesome you were ready to go just like that!! I hope whatever news you hear is good news, and keep us updated if you can. Keeping you and AJ in my prayers!! :)

Couldn't have said it better and thank you it's definitely hard to be strong right now but I'm trying my best! We just have to see how the next month plays out as far as how many troops will be sent over !

The next month, and the presidential elections. I have a feelin that can play a HUGE part. I'm already nervous for Ryan before all this. They recently told him he needs to get a government issued passport and they are sending him to a secondary MOS for more combat training. We are preparing for the worst, but praying for the best. Ahh I have never wanted world peace more than I do now. I can even go to ball games without cryin when they sing the pledge of allegiance and he is home still. I feel ridiculous lol

Lexxxy30-You are doing a great job and I know you're going through a lot right now...just hang in there and I hope you can hear great news soon!
Newmarinegf...I am right there with you and I would just love for whoever wins this election to be able to finally achieve world peace. I kind of doubt it though so like you I'm just hoping for the best!!

I've read ab all the attacks's horrible..but it's what they signed up for. I read on Yahoo where insurgents attacked Camp Leatherneck and another British base..

Yea it is, you are right. I am not trying to sound like I don't want them to go, but I am so scared!! I am trying to hold on to the knowledge that this is what they're trained's just hard. Hopefully this will all calm down and our guys will all be safe :)

quick question- if something major would be to happen to our marines, how quickly would we find out? I'm just curious because mines on Camp Leatherneck and there's been a lot of things happening there

I know girl.

I have no idea, ShilenysGirl-I would like to know that, too! I guess maybe it depends on how quickly they could get to their phones and if they were allowed to tell us?

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