So Unexpected!

Well I know I havent been on in a little bit but it's because something has happen. It was very unexpected but we are both a lot happier now.

About 2 weeks ago I was camping with my family and my boyfriend had liberty. We talked one day and he seemed a little bit down but he said he was okay. It was Labor Day weekend, I was going to Santa Barbara to camp and we were texting and I asked him when his libo was up and he said well I might get a month off. I was so confused at this point. I told him to explain himself. Well he has had a knee problem since high school, throughout bootcamp it was okay, bothered him a little bit, when he went to SOI it got worse. They were in the field one week and they were running, when he hit a pothole and his knee gave out on him. The corpsman saw him limping but he said he was okay. The corpsman checked him out and said it didnt look good, so they sent him home and said they would call him within a week or so. It's almost been 2 weeks and no call. He is a lot happier now that he is out of there. He has told me awful stuff about that place and refuses to go back with the way they treat them.

We had a lot planned for our future together. We were going to get married in February and I was going to go to school and as soon as I finished I was going to move to his duty station and live with him. But now we can take our time and not rush anything.

I love this man more than ever! Thank god for having him home with me for 2 weeks and now I can see him more. We can continue our lives together :) <3
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So he isn't going back at all??

No he's done.

ommg . i wish my boyfriend would break a leg . lol.

Trust me you don't. It's hard for him because now he has to find a job and go back to school.

i rather that .

Yeah me too! He hated it, he wouldn't recommend the military life for anyone. He has a job interview this week so things are starting to get better. I hope he gets this job.

My boyfriend loves it .. he just hate being far from me .

where is he now?

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I don't wanna seem like a *****...but other than his knee..he doesn't wanna go back bc they treated him horribly? Jesus Christ, no one said The MC was gonna be a walk in the park. EVERYONE gets treated horribly. Yes there are times when they feel like they can't do it anymore, but it's that's exactly what makes them stronger!! *Sigh* But hey, I guess everyone is different and he has just reached his limit...if he feels that way now that he's still in SOI then I hope he finds the strength to get thru the fleet. Good luck to you and your man.

he was ready to give up anyway. It wasnt what he signed up for.