Time Is Irrelevant.

It's funny how our society places an emphasis on time, especially when it comes to relationships. Some relationships have a dating phase of three months before marriage comes along and the couple spends the rest of their life living happily ever after. Other relationships last ages and ages in the dating phase and never get anywhere except each on their own paths away from the other. So...I really feel no shame when I say I've been with my Marine-to-be (I believe the terminology is Poole?) for a little over three months and I know, in my heart, that I love him.
And yet...we're still so young. And time is racing. A few short months from now, he'll be gone off to boot camp and I'll be here, starting off my first year of collage and taking a step into adulthood. I didn't sign up for this...this long distance thing. And yet... I'll gladly accept it. With a guy like the one I have, I would have to be nuts in order to not want to make compromises just to make it work out in the end.
However, lemme tell you that I am so so so lost when it comes to the world of the Marines. So many terms to remember, jargon to make sense of, dates and times and concepts that little old me find a bit difficult to understand. Ever see the movie "Without a Paddle"? That's me except I'm not up a creek, but an ocean, and that paddle could sure come in handy in terms of finding shore again.
There's so much I've got to learn how to handle as an individual- the distance, the time away from each other, the naive selfishness of wanting him all to myself. And then there's the couples factor. How can we, as a unit, make it through all these hurdles?
It doesn't help that my family doesn't think too much of this. They just see me as another teen that's been hit by the "love" bug. Perhaps they're right. Perhaps they're not. Either way, someone who can lend an ear would be really nice at a time like this.
So... all in all, that's pretty much why I'm here. To learn all I can about the world my boyfriend is gladly entering and to figure out which way is north and if this map is backwards, upside down, or right side up.
Wish me luck.
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if you ever have questions or just wanna talk feel free to message me! My name's Lexie, and my guys name is Nick, we're going through our first deployment together. i'd be happy to talk anytime! :)

Thank you, Lexie! Some answers or someone to just talk can be really nice so I'm extremely grateful that you're offering. I'm Jess, by the way. I don't think I've actually introduced myself yet.

Thank you, Manzzanita! It's a little sad but once I read your response, I kinda sorta started tearing up. Haha it feels nice to finally have a bit of support and advice for what I can do and how to advance from where I am. Those documentaries would be amazing! If you have a link to them then I'll gladly take a look at them.

Of course, I totally understand you tough I'm not that young we both are 28, but I just met him this summer and spent the most amazing month in my life, then I came back home and talked by skype all the month before he left for boot camp, for me is enough time to know I want tobe with him, and go trough the long distance relation ship, I have some friends who are really supportive and others that say stuffs like he will come back crazy ore even worst but well, they just don't know, I am halfway he's in the 6 week, so I'll get to see him soon :) 7 weeks more. ok there is one I looked up at you tube it is old but well explained http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYRccSZgXV4
Eyes click ears open this one is not explained and hard to get but it will be easier once you saw the first one.
I have one called making marines that is on the military channel sometimes I couldn't found it online anywhere and a friend looked for it and sent it to me is really well explained and is 3 hours documentary it took really long to him to send it to me we did by skype but if you want it I can add you and send it no problem.

Thanks for the links! :) I definitely spent a good portion of my morning checking out the first one and then some. Apparently they're 8 or 9 parts to it so that's gonna take me some time.
As for the "Making Marines", I'll try to find it but if not, would you mind if I send you a message about possibly getting it?

Yes, for sure if you need it just let me know, I like to watch them when he just left I watched them all, I wanted to understand better what was actually boot camp, anything you need just tell me if is just talk as well just send me a message.

Don't worry sweety you will learn all and fast, it dosenĀ“t matter what other people say, just what you feel, and I was just like you at the begining no clue about therms and stuffs, now I'm getting an expert, any question you might have just ask, also this site is just amazing, I also download some documentaries they were helpful as well, if you want them I can send them to you. huggs