What Should I Think Of All This?

so yesterday me and alex talked and we talked more about what's going to happen between us. So i was honest and i told him that im looking for an established relationship.. i made it clear that i dont want to keep going on the way we have been for the last two years. i told him that i want something real. Then i asked him his thoughts on all of it and he said "a lot of different things." so i asked him to elaborate a bit more because that staement is very broad. he said "if i were to date you just the logistics of it all" so i decided to be honest and let him know that i was a bit worried at this point and he asked why and i told him i was scared that it wasnt gonna work out and that i want it to work out more than anything and he told me to have faith and that it would work out. i told him that i didnt want him to go away and i was scared he'd leave and all he said was "i dont want to go either." i dont know but all this seems kinda weird and the signals were just really mixed and i dont know what to think. am i over thinking it? or should i really be a bit worried? i really dont know what to think about it all.....
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To be completely honest, I think it's complete BS that he can't fully commit to you..especially after two years. I don't know the two of you or your situation, but I've read some of your other posts and it sounds to me that he doesn't want to completely lose you but he doesn't want to commit to you either so he just dangles you along on a little string and makes you stay by saying stuff like "have faith and it will work out". I could be completely wrong, but that's how it appears from an outside view. You should, without a doubt, have an established relationship after two years. I REALLY hope that I am wrong sweetie, because I don't want you to get hurt. From your posts, I can tell you have a big heart and I don't want to see someone taking advantage of that. You deserve someone who will give you their whole heart..not just bits and pieces when it's convenient for him.

Well said. I'm so sorry but I completely agree. :/

yeah i agree and thats why im giving him the ultimative... hes home in october for a while and he will see me and eveything so im hoping that will change things. but if it doesnt im gonna let him know that he either needs to decide that we are together or im gonna be gone.

Good for you! I really hope it works out

If y'all have been together for 2 years and he can't even say y'all are dating, that is a MAJOR red flag to me. I don't know why y'all aren't official and about the past 2 years, but to me that just says major commitment issues. Maybe I'm wrong.

the Marine im dating is the same way, we are great when we're together but thats rare when we are in the same area cause his training. But do stay strong, if you stay strong and show him that you are able to handle all the schools he may go to or what may he will really see that you care. Austin tells me to wait and "in time everything will work out." I believe him but its hard. message me whenever if you need someone to talk to =] <3 Sophie

we are amazing when we are together and on skype. its just when we arnt seeing eachothers face i cant really feel the affection... and that makes me feel like he doesnt want me but we'll see what happens in october i guess.