Scared For My Marine

My Marine bf is finishing up basic training. (4th phase) at camp pen. He called me today and we were talking about the things that were happening in lybia. He said that there was a high percent chance of him going to lybia. I told thim that i didnt want him to go there. I want him to go somewhere safe. He said he didnt have a choice... Hes in motor t.. So he'll be driving trucks and stuff. I guess im just really scared that one day he'll die out there. Far from me and everyone else he loves. Does anyone else feel like this? I know it happens to marine wives and other marine girlfriends. How do I stay strong for him?
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My fiance is a motor t operator as well so i'm in the same position as you and gamblesgirl. the events at the embassies have made my guy want to try to reenlist and he's already deployed so while that wasnt really what i wanted to hear i just stay supportive and hold on for the ride. the best relief for me though, is talking to the girls on here who have been through it all. stay strong, stay supportive, and always tell him you love him (:

my fiance is also in Motor t so i worry about the same thing. basically all you can do is pray for them and accept what happens. its gonna suck but its what they signed up for. just support him and always make sure he knows you are their for him and you love him :)

Thank you for your adivce :)

Well I am new to this web site and my boyfriend left today at 4 am to marine boot camp =(............ I could only say that if this is hard for me imagine when he gets deployed i am going to be worst than you =(............................ All we can do is stay strong and comfort them the best and i am trying to survive this first day by thinking positive and trying not to cry too much. I even wrote him a letter and his only been gone for a couple of hours. Please give me advice and support if you have time

Writing letters always helped me. I told him everything. Every feeling that went through my body. In my letters i always tried to bring up good memories though. Think of allll the good times you've had with him. In your letter, act like your talking to him. He wants to know what your doing and he wants you happy. I know its really really hard. And the first day when your marine leaves is alway the hardest but you'll get through it. We all do :)

My boyfriends in combat training and told me the same thing last night. I'm scared for that time to come but I have to remember he's under a lot more stress then I am. And as much as I want to break down and beg him to stay I know that will make things worse for him. So I just try to keep my head up and think positive and know he has gone through extensive training. Have faith and always be positive. Nothing helps a marine more then knowing their love is at home fully supporting them and always being there waiting for their return. :)

Awwh wow. Thanks. That helped me a lot :) take care.

You just can't think about that chance. Yes there is a chance it could happen but they get the best training before they leave and he is Motor T so at least he isn't so much out in the open. My boyfriend got back from Afghanistan in April, he's motor T. Yes they got into some firefights but he was in an armored vehicle so he was much safer than most. You just have to remember that this is their job, something they love and are called to do. You just accept that fact and hold on for the ride. They do everything they can to come back home to you so just think positive. Don't worry yourself sick. Especially since right now he's still in boot camp. Nothing is set in stone until it actually happens. But like duhsers said this is something they signed up for just support them.

Thank you and your right about thoses strong big trucks. :)

im new to this, i created a profile today due to the whole issue going on in the middle fiance has been stationed in Iraq since june, everything was okay the first few months but after this whole issue, me to i have been very is a scary feeling and i undertsand how our minds normaly think the fiance is scheduled to return home this october but only for 35 days, everyday i pray to the big man above to bring him home safely to me.. Just have a lot of faith and talk to god, open up to him and trust me u will feel so much better.. support groups like this will help us all to get through this hard times... i know my baby will b okay, think happy thoughts think about all the good time u both had..he will be okay, stay strong stay positive...i know how u feel....
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Thank you for your kind words. :) I'll definitely try and be more positive.

Well hun, to be blunt.... he's going to be a Marine. Most guys went to Afghanistan straight out of boot camp. There will probably always be SOMEWHERE dangerous that they go. And it's tough, and we don't really WANT them to go, but I know my husband wants to be out there fighting, so when he deployed I kept that in mind and it helped a lot. Just keep supporting him! You didn't sign up for this necessarily... but he did.

Yeah. Your right. I guess im trying to adapt to the whole Marine stuff. Thank you for your comment :)