Recon...not So Good

So my Marine isn't doing good at recon training at all. He hurt is knee so bad so he can't go on any of the hikes or runs and he doesn't even want to train anymore because he is realizing it's not what he wants to do. But he doesn't want to quit and I feel really bad because he's not happy and he's always so happy and positive. i hope he works things our I'm just scared for him.
Marinegirlfriend211 Marinegirlfriend211
3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

He will be okay just stay positive =)

I don't want this to come across the wrong way, but when its come to the military, Recon or an other special forces especially, If one guy is not into it then it affects everyone and can even put others lives at risk. If he does not want to be there anymore then he shouldn't be, he should be somewhere where its more enjoyable and he can give 100%

i dnt wanna sound mean but he just should go to MSGT or whoever he needs to go to and quit... if its not for him then he needs to get out of there because it'll just keep bringing him down =[ <3 Sophie

yeah I think he is going to quit this week bc he doesnt want to slow the other people down who really wants to be there. Thank you guys!!