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I have so many questions about being involved with the marine lifestyle. Hopefully some of you ladies can help me! is my situation
My boyfriend of 2 years graduated bootcamp, was home 18 days & is now at some training for 29 days & then is off to California( i live in PA) for mos training. He says he will be back around Christmas & will be stationed here is my question what happens once they get stationed??? I know that I can't live with him unless married (I plan on marrying this boy!) but we wouldn't get married for at least two more years. Have any of you gone through the same thing? How do you cope? What should I expect? & don't sugarcoat! I want all the cold hard facts! I don't have anyone who understands & you ladies are a big help! Thanks so much!
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Ok baby girl I am 42 and met my marine last year. It was not easy and it does not get any easier. U cry to sleep and wake up crying. U cling on to your phone and your instant messenger hoping that u wont miss him and u feel sad when u do. What I can tell u though is if he is anything like my marine when he is with u the love he gives u make u forget every sad moment. I have no clue about stationing even though he is in Viginia and Im in New York. He is supposed to retire soon. Hold on and always talk to your marine though and let him know how u feel.FYI I sleep in his tshirts and it makes me feel closer to him. I hope this helps u.

Once he gets stationed, that's it. He doesn't go anywhere else, unless of course he gets deployed. He'll be there for 2 years probably, maybe the rest of his enlistment. I think it depends. For me, after bootcamp, everything has gone uphill for us. You'll still be able to speak with him the same amount after he gets stationed (depending where of course) you can visit, even if he's overseas. Basically, the way I cope, I just take one day at a time. That's really all you can do, as everything is out of our hands. They belong to the Marines and we're just here for support every step of the way. What is your boyfriends MOS? And good luck to you! Everything will be fine :) If it makes you feel any better, my boyfriend is being stationed in Beaufort, South Carolina..and this is his first time as a Marine. Majority of his friends have been stationed state side, too.

You can live with him, even if you're not married. It will just have to be off base. I've been dating my boyfriend for a few years now. He's currently in Cali for the rest of his 4 years. I'm going to transfer to a college about an hour away from him and I'm either going to get college housing off campus, or get an apartment with my boyfriend. The things we will do for love lol. It'll go by faster than you think. Just stay busy. Save up plenty of money if you plan on living with him, in case you won't be able to find a job when you move by him. Talking to him often helps me a lot. Always remember you will see him soon and it sucks just as much as it does for him, usually worse for him though. As for coming home, it gets pretty hard to do. They won't always be able to come home during Thanksgiving or Christmas, etc. It depends if there's something open up or if they put in leave early enough. Sometimes that doesn't get approved. My boyfriend's hoping to come home for New Years(he's putting in leave for New Years because he knows Thanksgiving and Christmas will have a lot of people wanting leave). He's not even sure if he'll be able to get that. He might have to come home after that. All of the leave they don't use, they can use another time. If you can, visit him as often as possible. It's hard, but you have to learn how to become independent. Stay positive, patient, busy, and strong and you will be just fine! Especially being positive, that's the main one.

Just gotta take it one day at a time. Trust me. It's going to be about 2 years until I can finally be with my boyfriend cause of school. It's hard not going to lie, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

i dont think you have to be married to live together but it will cost so much more if your not married because you guys wont get bah and well if he just joined hes maybe making like $1000 something a month.
when they get station they are normally there for 2 years. they can also get deployed...

my guy is station in japan... how do i cope? well i take it one day at a time (really the best way). i cry sometimes and it makes me feel so much better but i try not to cry to much because there is no point in being down the next 17 months of my life. Some days are crap and others you feel bad *** for doing this.
school helps a lot also keeps you doing something. i love doing my art projects when im sad. Taylor Swift is my crack lol she has a song for every feeling so i play her songs all the time makes me feel the love.
what more..... oh im in like 3 support groups on facebook that keep me going on the boring lonely nights haha the girls are amazing because they are all in the same spot.

if he gets station in the states it will be easier for him to come home or for you to go there on holidays.

you can expect to fall in love with him everytime you see him again for the first time. the i will call you back in 5min a lot of the times means i will call you tomorrow. When he tells you we will see doesnt mean he doesnt want to do it, it means he has to ask first -_-. dont buy ticktes with out the refund because you never know.
also expect to meet a lot of girls online lol. you will become closer to the other marines s/o's then to the people you have around you.

i hope that wasnt all to long or random lol... sorry if it was :)

stay strong and semper fi girl :D
if you ever need to talk or have a question feel free to message me