I Got My First Letter!!!!!! Finally

Afther one month and a half it's finally here, I was so depressed the last days, but today I'm the happiest girl in the world, well I could be happier if we could be togheter now, but I know he miss me too!!! he told me it took so long to write my letter as he is in charge of his platoon, plus he answered me time ago but it took about 3 weeks to come all the way to Mexico. Tough I'm worry as he told me is not possible for him to come in the 10 days to see me, so I must get the visa and go over there, now I'm gonna be just so nervius about getting the visa, he told me we'll talk afther boot camp but I want to see him!!!! well I know he miss me as much as I do now, so we toguether will found a way I hope!!!
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Letters are my absolute favorite i love them lol!!

:D this just made me smile!!! im so happy for you!

Thanks so much I'm reading it over and over again :)

Hi girl he told me in the letter, that he's going to be stationed in Japon, can we visit them there? and how ofthen?

it can change since he is still in boot camp so dont get to set on japan. a lot always changes in the military -_-
yes you can visit :D i went this summer and it was so much fun! you can go as much as you like but it does cost a lot :( my ticket alone was $1,300 and that was because i found it cheap. but its so worth it :D im already saving to go again maybe next november.

wow yes it is but if he'll be there I'll go definetely :) hope you can go this november and yes we'll see maybe it will change.

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I'm so happy for you! :D Yay! I'm crossing my fingers that you'll be able to get that visa to go see him. Many many wishes and best of luck being sent your way!

Thanks so much darling I'm so happy and yes nervius but I hope we can get to see each other afther boot camp