Marine Ball

What exactly is the Marine Ball??? All I know is that it is in Novemember, but my bf & I didn't get to talk about it before he left for training...I highly doubt I could go this year, but what is it all about? Where? What do you do? What's it like? All of the details!!!! Thanks :)
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The ball is my absolute favorite. Jim prefers to celebrate the Marine Corps birthday more then he enjoys his own. I get super excited so warning you now this will be a lenthy responds.

Women wear long ball gowns (nothing overly flashy) and the guys wear their dress blues. They always look super sexy in them as well :-)
Usually there is a coctail hour before everyone sits down. That's where you met all the guys he's been talking about and have to try and remember their first names now too because they always say oh call me tom....great i just got your last name down now you want me to remember your first one too! HA!
Then you go and find your table and met everyone your sitting with. always a different situation based on how close the guys at the table with you are and how open the girls are to adding to the conversation. There are a ton of ceremonies that happen. The few that always get me are the MIA/POW moment of silence and there is always a table for those lost or killed at war, its a very powerful moment. There is always a slide show about something and usually every woman in the room is close to crying or actually crying, they talk about the corps and how much the men do and it's beautiful.
there is usually a speaker who talks about any number of things ranging from serious to funny. They cut the cake and the first peices go to the youngest and oldest marine in the room, the old guy usually has some funny speach about "back in my day" (at least at the few I've gone to that was the case).
After that is dinner, usually awesome food and declicious deserts. Then there is the dancing. This is Jim and my favorite part. The first year we went we didn't stay long, it had been a long time since we had seen each other and we needed some quiet time more then party time. This last year his best buddies were at our table and we danced and partied the night away till they kicked us out of the room.

There are balls all over the country for different bases. Depending on the base and the company will determine how the ball will actually go, some are less extravagant then others just depends.
The few i've been to were held in hotels, not all of them are though. If they are and you are going I suggest spending the little extra to stay in the hotel. Its worth it not to have to worry about driving. If your drinkers I would suggest bringing your own drinks and having them in your room because they will be exspensive at the bar.

Ok I'll stop now since I'm sure I overwhelmed you with information. But like I said its my favorite and I get super excited. I love all the traditions involved and it's a wonderful night for everyone to get together and celebrate life and how amazing our Marines are :-)

Our this year is gonna be held in DC..I think my husband said at the National Harbor? But I'm not sure. They are held
by units. I can't wait!!

Units are sort of like groups. I really don't know how to explain it lol. Where is your bf?

Ah, so he is at MCT. Hmm i think he will most likely have his in CA then. But, idk if they get to go to the ball if Theyr still in training lol


Its the birthday celebration for the corps. It can definitely be fun like OorahHunny said, they're held at different places some are on bases at different reception sites, others are held in convention centers or hotels. They do a cake cutting ceremony, theres a video message from the Commadant (sp?) of the Marine Corps, and the speeches and stuff, once you get past all the formal stuff it can get really entertaining when the dancing starts :) Its awesome though you have an excuse to wear a formal dress and he'll be in his blues :)

the ball is just a way for everyone in his group to be all pretty and dressed up and get together and basically there's a ceremony at the beginning, speeches, dinner, some more speeches, but after there's music and dancing. last year my marine and i just were goofing off with all his higher up's and friends just dancing stupid, its not like a club or frat party but it can be really fun if you make the effort! <3 Sophie

my Marine's is in San Diego but a friend of mines fiancé's is in Las Vegas... we're all from Camp Pendleton....

its by what the Marine's MOS is, youd be around whoever your hunny works with.