Wishing For A Birthday Wish That Ain't Going To Happen. =(

Hi...I know I have not posted much on here...but I come on all the time to read...I don't want to write the story yet of how my Marine and I met...idk it still seems so unstable...I just dont want to jinx it...but this post is going to be just me complaining... Which I don't do often especially about my Marine because I love him sooo much and know I am lucky to have him...and usually I am very positive about our relationship and can take it with a smile on my faces...but that smile is not so strong around special occasion... July 8th makes us being together a whole year... Valentines day, Christmas, birthdays all of that...and my brithday is coming up...tomorrow actually....and I want sooo badly to get something from him...anything a email a text that just says happy birthday...dosnt need to say anything more...and why I hope for that...and thats all I want I know I wont get it.... Cause while my Marine is a great guy...he really sucks at this long distances thing....I mean we are talking about a guy who has to have his mom remind him that he need to call her on mothers day...via facebook..and while me and her (his mom) laugh and make jokes about it...it really sucks... that I miss him sooo much and don't every hear from him...because he is all the way in Japan...and he will be there for at least another years....it has already been over a years since I have seen him...=(....sorry for this really long whinny rant but I just need to get it off my chest and not get the well leave him then...cause thats not what I am going to do....I just wish he was here so I could remember why I love him so much... that fact that he is such a great guy...who opens the doors for me and will insist on paying for everything and just taking care of me......This birthday is going to sucks because every birthday wish I get Ill just wish would be from him...and its not going to come...Sorry rant over....I just have really missed him and have recently gotten a roommate that gets to talk to her bf 24/7 I mean it they talk on the phone to work from work...at work until she gets home and turns of the computer and then the skype the whole time...and since I have not heard from Jonathan since July I am just really missing him.... =(
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Aww Happy birthday!!

If it was me I would ask his mom to remind him. Although I get so excited about my birthday I talk about it for weeks before it's actually my Birthday so if Jim ever forgot it would be amazing. I really hope he remembers and sends you a message. I want to say I hope.... a whole list of other things would happen but we have to set a reasonable goal as to not get overly sad when things don't happen.
And it's ok to vent and be whinney we are all entitled to it, especially the day before our birthday when your man is gone. Keep your head up and enjoy your birthday as best you can :-)

Happy Birthday!

Thanks =D

Idk, sounds really weird to me..they have everything they need to communicate with ppl back home from Japan.. Why don't you try and communicate with him more often since it seems like he doesn't? When my husband was in Japan communication was essential. Of course we still argued just bc the girls over there are *****. But communication and trust were our number 1 thing. If I were you I wouldn't wait around for him to communicate with me..I would text/call/leave him fb mssgs everything. Hang in there and don't worry..vent all you want. That's what we're here for :-)

Oh yeah I know they do....its him...(and at the moment I think he is on a boat some were)....he sucks at long distances stuff...like I said earlier...In person he is the sweetest person ever....but once there is distances he becomes kind of forgetful.... Like I said his mom calls and fb...and emails him to remind him to call her for mother's day... I just didn't want to nag for my birthday...or become a nag in general.

Oo..so he's on a MEU? Yeah..in that case it's kinda hard for them to communicate with ppl back home. I'm sorry, I thought he was just stationed in Japan.

Btw. Happy birthday :-)

Thanks and yeah...seems like he does that a lot....=/ his mother told me this one is going to last till Nov....some time

Well, time flies. And you'll get to talk to him soon.

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Don't feel bad for venting, that's what this group is here for...support! I can totally understand where you are coming from! Let me tell you...my man would forget his own birthday if I didn't remind him it was coming up. And the sad thing is...I'm being dead serious. This past year I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he goes, "When is it again?" and it was in like two days! And don't even get me started on my birthday :p Missing your man is something we all go through and can understand. Especially when a big event is coming up. *hugs* I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you get to hear from your man. :) If you ever need to talk feel free to message me.