Never Been This Happy!

My boyfriends mother just called and guess what?!
She got a letter! He said that it's crazy at boot camp and that hopefully these 12 weeks are worth it because it's hell and he wants us to write time of letters for support because it's hard. And then the best part... He said tell Keely that I ice her and I haven't forgotten about her and to be string because when I get out im coming to see her asap! :D I cannot stop smiling. I dont think I've ever been thus happy in my life a s the letter wasn't even to me!
Marinegf4 Marinegf4
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

aww that's so sweet, it really is the best feeling to hear from them :) Wish you the best of luck.. btw is your boyfriend in parris island or san diego?

San ddiego. :)

Aww, so happy for you!