Confused And Help Needed

i am newly married to my marine and he is the love of my life. Seems like everything has been working against us..... then for us!!! I live in Canada and i was going to move myself and 2 children this year .......until 6 months ago he got stationed in Okinawa. It became a huge set back as he had single orders and not family orders. He came and seen me after 6 months and we got married and i spent an amazing month with him! Whats really setting us back is i just found out today that we are expecting!! (OMG) wasnt something we wanted but happened. We are trying to deal with the fact that he has orders to be in Japan till 2014. That means he misses the important things in this pregnancy, along with missing the first 8 months of his FIRST childs life. I feel that every parent needs those first months for bonding and the connection you hold with that child right from day 1!!! My question is......has anyone or if you know of anyone who have gotten their orders changed due to family???? im super stuck, even if i did move to Japan, it means his orders start over and he would be stationed there for another 3 yrs as opposed to another year and half hes out!!!! Any suggestions on what this pregnant girl should do???? I just want to either be there or him be can we make this work????? sooooo confused!!!!!!!
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

I'm sure now that you guys are married and expecting he will have to put you in the system as his wife. Once he does that it does not mean that you will be able to move out with him. You have to go through all sorts of paperwork. If you do move out with him it does not necessarily mean that his contract will extend. That was the reason my Marine and I didn't get married while he was in Oki..but we later found out that his contract would not have been extended. A year and a half is not too longer though..but I would look into the whole process of getting you over to Oki..btw what camp is he on?