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So my boyfriend Erin left for PI on Sept 10 and his mom had gotten his address from his recruiter that following Friday. Today, she just got his official form letter and the P.O. Box was completely different! But his platoon number and everything else is still the same. I already mailed a batch of 7 letters to him at the first address. I mailed him the second batch today to the correct PO Box with a note explaining the mix-up. I’ve been writing him everyday and I don’t want him to think that no one’s been writing because so many people have already. I feel awful. I just wish I could tell him that we’re all here thinking about him and that our letters are on the way. Has this happened to anyone else? Will he get the first batch of letters from everyone and if so, how long will that take? Thanks!
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You should have waited on him to write you first. This happened to me first and my first two address's were wrong until I got the address he sent me. It could be right though. Idk

Well, I didn’t really expect his address to be wrong otherwise I probably would have waited. I have been kind of impatient since I miss talking to him, and I was so excited to get those letters out to him that when I got his address, I mailed them out immediately. Plus, I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t have my address memorized by heart so I’d have to mail him first before he can write me. Hopefully this address is right and I can hear from him soon.

Yea, my fiance gave me the wrong address twice! He finally got my letters (just a little out of order!). Don't worry and keep writing :)

No worries girl!! As long as it had Parris Island S.C, 29905 it will get to him eventually! It might take a extra few days but other than that,it should get to him!! I know how worried you are! My B/fleft August 27th and won't graduate til mid December or January ( having alot of health issues) but I sent the first 5 letters to the wrong PO! He told me he got them about 5 days later then my second patch! Send them out as much as possible!! He really really needs them! How have you been holding up? Stay strong girl!:)

Thanks! This was really helpful! I’m glad he’ll get them eventually. Hopefully this new batch will get there by next week! I’m hanging in there. It got easier after the first few days, but I miss him so much and wish I could just hear from him. I hope I get that first letter soon! I just graduated and only work part-time on the weekends, but I’m trying my best to stay busy. How are you doing? I hope your boyfriend gets well soon. Just remember he’s getting so much stronger! My bf graduates on Dec 7 so maybe they’ll end up graduating together! Keep your head up! :)