Happy & Sad At The Same Time

So im getting married in a little over 8 weeks!!!! Im beyond excited to finally marry my man :) but im also sad at the same time because i feel like im leaving my family at a bad time. Im really close to my mom and my dad.
My sister is only 15 and were finally starting to get along and she talks to me about all kinds of stuff because i can give her advice since im only 3 years older than her.
My brother is 12 and im very close to him. Ive always been very protective of him because he gets picked on alot.
I just feel like im gonna miss out alot on my siblings lives and all the important things that happen because ill be 789 miles away. Idk if this makes any sense to yall. Have any of yall ever felt this way right before you got married? Any advice on how you got this feeling to go away?
Thanks :)
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thanks storm!! theirs this silent understanding that im leaving, its not talked about but they understand it and are already planning the trips to come see me lol

Just getting married scared the hell out me lol not because i didnt love him i do!! It's the most natural thing in the world you wouldnt be human if you didnt feel this way. you can still be in thier lives nothing's stopping that write to them often but you start the ball rolling phone them lots and do what you do now with your fiance. you starting a new life with the person you love people will never hold that against you especially your sister and brother if you keep the lines of communication open to them they will still come to you for advice!! Congrats by the way so excited for you!!!

thanks girls! i sat down and talked to mom about how i was feeling ans we decided that once i moved away we would set times during the weeks to skype so i can talk to the family. i know i will always have trevor(my fiance) to help me feel better. im gonna try to spend as much time with my family before i leave. they arent taking it very well that i wont be home for thanksgiving or christmas :(

I'm not married but I have an idea of how you feel. Your family loves you and you will make such awesome memories with your man. Think of it as a positive you get to have new kinds of adventures.

As far as your siblings go, talk to them about it. tell them how your feeling, it might be an awkward convo but I bet it would be well worth it. And maybe come up with a plan that you will email every so often and call once a week (or more) just to check in. idk about you but if I had an older sister I was close to and already spilling info to that wouldn't change just because she wasn't living right there.

Aw, I felt the same before I got married. But at the same time everyone has to grow up and have their own family. I know it isn't easy but that's the way things were meant to be. I'm sure they understand :-) plus, you can call/txt/Skype with them everyday! I left my little sister she's only 8 and I love her as if she were my own bc I helped take care of her alot, even though I have another sis who is 15 and my bro is 13, I feel more attached to her since she's the baby of the family. No matter how big she is now I still see her as the little baby whom I held in my arms the day she was born. I let her know everyday how much I love her even when I'm not with her. It helps a lot :). You'll feel better as time goes on, trust me.

I'm so happy for you that you're getting married!! I'm sorry you're sad about that though. I am very close to my older sister, she is my best friend. I haven't gotten to live close to her in five years and I miss her every day! But I know that I can call anytime and she finally got on skype :) we are always busy but we take time to just talk sometimes. You aren't losing your family, you are going to find a whole new one-and keep close to yours!! You can call every day and I bet they'll always be happy to talk. Good luck with everything!!! Congrats on your marriage again!

I TOTALLY understand where you're coming from! i'm super close to my family and especially my brother (he's 13, my sister is 11)...and when i first moved away and couldnt just come home to visit them whenever, it was hard because i felt like i was missing SO much and my younger cousin pretty much relied on me for everything (she's 17) but we have all figured out ways to stay close. My mom and I actually grew even closer when i moved away, my siblings and cousin call and/or text me everyday or every couple days when they wanna tell me whats going on or they're having problems. It sucks when I can't see them and get that feeling that i'm missing out, and i'll be moving even further away from them next year so visits will be even more scarce but I always have Nick and our puppy when i'm feeling down about it and i know that i'm always just a phone call away from hearing my little monsters when i need to know they're okay. :) anytime you wanna talk i'm here!!