Jason Jones Kinda Night

I'm missin my guy, and even though he despises Jason Jones' voice he listens to my fave JJ songs when he misses me and I always listen to JJ when I need to feel better...and it's definitely one of those nights. BTW if any of you know who Jason is I will love you forever haha. (If you live in Jacksonville he used to play there all the time before he got to busy for our small time gigs). Anyways I just finished Nick's care package i'm just waiting for some of his Ohio state stuff he wanted to come in the mail *hopefully tomorrow!!* and i have the biggest flat rate box (the specific military support ones) and i'm seriously thinking i may have issues closing it...but i also am afraid to send two boxes and them get there at different times just because i feel like he'd get the box he doesnt need first and be like WTF?! lol. i had a lot of fun making it...but its sitting open in our living room and my gramma came by and was like what is all this crap in a box...gee thanks nana..i put a lot of work and creativity into making that haha. though i guess if you dont know what its for it does look like a box of junk theres everything from a hoodie & handwarmers to mini nerf guns in there. lol I miss this boy so much i even listened to the dragonball gt theme song he sang to me all the time when they were all watching dragonball at work and he was obsessed haha. i have the randomest memories that keep popping up now that hes gone. Hope you're all doing well...if any of you are bored or wanna vent/talk, etc MESSAGE ME!! lol <3
Lexie19 Lexie19
26-30, F
Sep 20, 2012