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anyone wandering online, bored or lonely tonight? Let's have a little chat :) I'm pretty much up for rambling about anything from the corps & our relationships to whatever else may be on your minds if anyone is up for talkin...feel free to either comment this so we can all get in on the convo or message me if you'd rather. my youtube playlist and younger siblings just arent cuttin it right now.
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you better text me soon!

Definitely up for a conversation! BF is out on his super macho hunting weekend with some friends so I am B-O-R-E-D! How has your day been?

Sweet!! My day has been pretty good, heard from my man this morning but I've been crazy bored all night and there is nothing to do around here!!! How has your day been?

Yay for hearing from your man! :D Happy happy happy dance. Has it been a while?
Mine's been pretty lazy. Had to wake up early (after a horrible night of sleep) for driving lessons (i'm a "late bloomer" when it comes to this driving thing) and Aunt Flow came for a visit today so I'm physically and mentally tired. But some "Say Yes to the Dress!" episodes and a nap later definitely helped!

I totally thought i replied to this last night, it must not have sent. He had been outside the base for a while and super busy when they were on base so communication has been scarce. Hope you got a chance to rest up today! I was totally watching "Say Yes to the Dress!" yesterday too :) i'm like a wedding show addict whenever Nick's not hogging the tv lol

Haha it's okay. Totally understand how that works. Technology always has its good and its bad sides.
Ouch, poor guy. He's probably been itching to call you. And I did get a chance to rest up, thankfully. Saturday was a bit killer so thank goodness for Friday! :D
Hahaha I don't know what it is about those kind of shows but they hook you in. Maybe it just appeals to the little girl inside all of us that wants to plan her dream wedding.

Agreed! :) Blah, Nick woke me up at like 5 this morning just to say i love you and then he lost internet and i didn't get to talk to him anymore...i couldnt fall back asleep to save my life lol. is you BF back from the super macho hunting weekend? lol

Aww how sweet! At least he managed to get that out before the internet fizzled away. :)
Haha he isn't back yet nor have I heard from him yet. Supposedly he has reception and we were texting when he got to the ranch where he's staying at but no cigar. Oh well. He comes back tonight. :)

wooohooo i'm sure he had a fun boys weekend...i take boys weekend to be my mini vacay when hes actually home lol. i either clean our house and have the girls over or head off to visit my family. hope you hear from him soon though! :)

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