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I'm not use to not talk to Ryan everyday, before he went to Japan he would text me everyday even if he was busy just to say I love you. Now it's like a week at a time and on top of that he won't let me send him anything. So in trying to find ways to make this easy. One I found is I took a book and I've been writing a letter every time I've felt like I needed him most and now it's becoming a daily thing, maybe it's my way of getting through but it seems like a waste at the same time. Any one else have that trouble too?
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my guy is in japan also... at first he didnt want to give me the address but it was because he was to lazy to find out what the address was -_-
you really can find everything in japan! i went this summer and i realized he didnt need anything i sent him lol. but i still send him pictures and random letters.

the time differents is a lot maybe thats why he doesnt talk to you much? mine also wouldnt respond to pictures or texts i sent him but i know he would get them. he just didnt want to wake me up or make me stay up late. its a lot to get used to but you guys will. and the letter thing is pretty cool i should start that :)

good luck girl stay strong and semper fi

Thanks! He always tells me he doesn't want to wake me up but I've told him time and time again it's ok. What makes this hard is I'm kinda going through a lot of personal ish so hearing from him would help. Like when I get to talk to him literally my world stops. I've never felt that way with a guy not even my ex who happens to be the father of my kids. Ryan makes me feel beautiful even when I'm feeling like complete crap. I can honestly say I love him.

aw thats so cute <3
really let him know you dont mind. the other day my guys roommate told him to let me sleep because it was 6am my time we were skyping. i said no so fast and told him i have to be up for school and im happy he woke me up. so a lot of the times its the people around them also.
how long has he been in japan for? my guy has been there for 7 months already

He hasn't been there long but he's also a reserve so he's only gonna be there for 4 months but I was shocked they'd even and a reserve

oh man yeah its weird that they sent him but its good cause now he will know how it is if he ever goes active. the 4 months will go by faster then you know it :) and when you get that first kiss you will for get about the long time apart trust me.
if you ever want to talk you can message me.

He was active before he became a reserve but he said he is getting out when he gets home but idk if he will but we will find out, an I can't wait for that first kiss we haven't had ours yet either

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hang in there girl. it's actually kinda normal for them to not really want anything when they're in Japan...i know Nick and his friends wouldnt let us {the other s/o's and me} send them care packages (or even give us the address) because they had access to pretty much everything they needed and didnt want us spending the money. as far as communication goes, do you know which base he's on? some of them the access is really crappy but for the most part when the uso is open he should be able to skype you or wait for the sat phone to call you....the writing is a good idea though, i write to nick whenever we cant talk or its something i dont want to burden him with while hes gone but he can read when he gets back (if i decide to even let him then) but it just helps to get everything out. My man is deployed right now too so if you ever wanna just talk or vent message me (: