Tough Times

So I'm really having a tough time with Ryan being gone but its not just him being gone. I've been sick for over a month but its more than just a cold, I hate that none if my girlfriends live close to me, I feel at times my support isn't there for me. I need some support so I can get better not just from friends but from him too
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Where are you from?

I live in so cal

Oh ok. I was going to see if it was close lol. It's hard not having support but that's what these girls are for. And staying positive no matter how hard it is. Keep busy too.That helps time fly. Just because he's gone doesn't mean you cant have fun!

I'm glad I found this because all you girls know what in goin through and I'm doing every thing I can to stay busy. I'm spending a ton of time with my kids and enjoying them. But on a good note he text me last night and I got the whole butterflies in my stomach feeling and when I text back it was a second too late his phone had died. So I left him a text to call me when he could and I didn't care what time

Kids are an awesome distraction. They are so innocent and filled with love. My old roomie had a 3 year old so I'd always take her to the zoo or some kids museum or watch Disney with her. It was awesome!! And this site was amazing!

Seriously they are and this site really is amazing! I have some friends that have military hubby's but none of them live close and it's hard when they have navy hubby's and I'm with a marine it's totally different ya know

I don't have any friends in military relationships. The closest I had to relate was my cousin/best friend who lived in Memphis and dated a guy in Seattle. They are now married but she at least understood the distance!! And going months without seeing the man you love!

Yeah I don't talk to a lot of my friends anymore mainly cause I have kids but now it's hard to find anyone who can relate to the military thing and the one friend I talk to most likes in San Diego

Yea it's different and hard with kids. But once you find other people with kids it can be fun to have play dates!!! Gets you some adult time while having kids playin lol

Exactly but the next biggest thing after that will be my man meeting my kids. He knows about them but he hasn't met them yet

Aww that will be so exciting!!! I'm sure it will go awesome! I saw mine with kids for the first time Friday. My heart melted.

Aww!!!! I kinda can't wait for him to meet them but at the same time I'm so nervous about it. Plus on top of that I'm realizing more and more that I'm legit falling in love with an amazing man!!!!! I love him so much and I can't wait to see him. I just don't know if he could be the right man for me. I think I'll know when I see him ya know

Yea I felt the same way. And then he got home and it has been AMAZINGGGG!!! Except now with our work schedules I can't see him too too much but it should settle down and change in a few weeks. :)

Aww that's no fun hopefully it changes! I've asked him if he thinks things will be how they are now when he get home an he said yes so hopefully they stay amazing. I just can't wait to see him.

They change because he is home so it's an adjustment. But it's a good adjustment. It was so weird being about to touch him. I kept checking my phone like I usually would and then would remember oh yea! This is my man right here!!! Lol I felt like I was cheating on him with him basically. He would laugh and make fun of me. But it's been totally awesome. Better then I could ever dream.

Aww! Whats gonna make it hard for me even when he comes home is he live about 2 hours away so I'd still not get to see him all the time but he's promised me as soon as he gets home he's gonna come see me. I seriously can't wait cuz I already know I'm gonna tackle his ***. I just hope we stay close like we are now. But atleast ill be able to talk to him a lot more when he is home

Yea. :) and 2 hours isn't a bad drive!!

Exactly I can handle the 2 hour drive that's not biggie. Plus side he text me last night and he had perfect timing too cuz I had hurt my leg an was in a lot of pain when he did. It felt so good to talk to him

Aww good! :) did y'all ever talk about whatever you needed to?

I did and so got a reaction I wasn't expecting, his responds was every one gas flaws

Well that's awesome!!!!

I know!!!!! He's truly amazing and I love him so much more now!

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