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I wanna talk, these past couple of nights have been hell for me. I really need to vent to someone! So I just hate life right now. My boyfriends in basic right now and I miss him like crazy! He was my bestfriend, I could tell him anything and everything! My friends and family dont really care and they dont seem to be supportive either. I need to hear his voice, but I have to wait till November 20th to do that. /: it may not seem that far away to some of you cause your bfs been gone for like 6 months, but I'm new to this whole marine life. Is this how the rest of our relationship is gonna be like??? I dont know what to do! Brandon wants to get engaged and married after I get outta high school too. It'll only be 2 years since we've been together. And ill have to get through college too. Why is this soo much stress??? I need help!
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The thing is I'm 17 and a junior in high school. We'll be dating for about 2 years when I graduate. And he wants to get married and me move in with him. I wouldbt mind moving in after high school and just going to college where ever hes stationed. But dont you have to be married to move in? Thats the only thing holding me back. Getting married at such a young age.

My family and friends weren't supportive of me either. It was so difficult and I knew him for a very short time before he left for 8 months. Once boot camp is over it gets a little better because you can talk to them randomly. The marriage thing, your young, if your not sure, don't do it. If you want to wait, WAIT!! What is the rush?! Yea the extra money for him is nice, but you don't get married just to get a bigger pay check. Just do what you want and be smart about it!!! If your stressed over it, wait!!!! Seriously girl! I'm 23 have a stable job done with college degree number 1 and 100% in love. I know I'm going to marry this guy. But I'm not ready yet and there is no shame in that!

Thanks yall, this all really helped me out a lot! I know this is the career he wanted to do and I'm soo proud of him! Imma support him either way. I appreciate the support from you ladies!

Having to wait that long may seem like hell now but afterwards it will be different, he will have more freedom it may not be like it once was when he was home but it is something. You will have to understand that you are probably his #1 priority but at this stage in the game the Marines comes first, there is just nothing he can do about it, so when you do get that phone call treasure it and don't take it for granted. My bf dedicates alot of his free time to skyping or calling me which doesn't seem like much but thats just the way he is. This branch of the military has the fewest numbers, so they work every marine like crazy. My family is unsupportive as well and it can be so hard because you don't want to disappoint them, I cannot tell you that I've learned to overcome it because I haven't that is why I like this site so much, its helping. A lot of Marines like to get married early because it means housing and an allowance every month, so you have to make sure it is something you want to do. Is going to college where he will be living an option? Hope this all helps

hey girl!
yes it does suck -_- my bf is also my best friend and when he went to boot camp he left in the summer so i hadnt even started college yet. it was a really boring summer for me i pretty much did nothing since he is my best friend and i was used to doing everything with him. i learned to do my own things found stuff to do with out him and then tell him about them.

military love is hard but its worth it. i have had to say see you later to him 5 times in the past year but that also means i have had 5 first kisses :D only we girls can say we had many first kisses like that.

when he gets station he will have a lot more time to talk to you :) he will have his phone with him pretty much at all times. you can go out and see him or if he saves his leave he can come home and see you.

sooner then you think the 3 months of boot camp will be over and you will have him home for his 10 day leave :) just keep holding on girl and write him lots of letters.
stay strong and semper fi <3

You can do it! and no, not all of military life is like that. while deployment is currently driving me nuts, when Nick's home life is pretty normal for us with the exception of the occassional field op or duty. I'm in college right now, and we'll be getting married when he gets home but we already live together anyways and it's pretty easy as long as you can find the balance between school and home life you can get through it (: if you wanna talk though feel free to message me