Phone Call!

My boyfriend has been at MCT for about two weeks now. It has really been hard on me with him eing gone & I posted another story on here about that...a couple of the comments mentioned Sunday phonecalls & I waited and waited for one last Sunday and didn't get one! Today I did the same. I kept my phone by me at all times & I GOT A CALL!!! Oh my gosh was I excited!! We barely talked a minute & I lost my signal (bad service in my house). I literally flung everything off of my lap and sprinted to get the house phone! For almost a minute we were both trying to call each other & he got me & I was balling my eyes out saying call my house. I was so afraid that I wouldn't get to talk to him because of my poor service & the two of us calling each other. After a few unsuccessful tries, I really was about to lose it, crying and crying. Finally I got him & it was so amazing being able to talk to him! He told me he loves me and misses me and that he thinks about me every night. It was so good to hear those things. Of course I was crying the whole time we talked, but I can't even describe how happy I was to hear his voice (especially since I was having one of those hard days). & all of this happened within five minutes. He only had five minutes! I hope that I get to hear from him again next week! I will be waiting (with both phones) for sure!!
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My bf is in MCT right now also he actually finishes next Tuesday which is exciting. I absolutely understand where you're coming from, when he was in the field for those ten days I didn't hear from him for 2 weeks. Yesterday was actually the first time I spoke to him it was the best feeling ever.

Omg yes I'm super excited! Well we only talked like 30 minutes :< but yes. Do you know where your boyfriend is going for his MOS?

im going threw the exactly same thing! he has been gone 2 n a half weeks. It really sucks and i miss him so much!

thats what iv been telling him and he tells me the same. he brought up marriage n stuff so i am guessing this is really worth it :)

it.ll will be ok like she said it.ll be worth the wait :)

yea but it still sucks not getting to talk to him every day :/ he is gone for a lil bit bt only 6 more days an he can call maybe depending on how his plt does on some stuff. i am so excited where i am ppl are always saying its okay its only so and so days bt they don't understand how 1 day feels like a year let alone 6. n yea it is really exciting he makes me so happy.

Awwww reading this story made me cry :) im so glaf that you got to talk to your bf

awwww thats good :) how long have u two been together

awwwwwww!!! :)

My boyfriends at MCT too, and I haven't heard from him in 8 days so I know how much it sucks! Congrats on the call! YOU ARE SO LUCKY! lol :)

This made me get teary!! I went through the exact same thing when Nestor was in mct. Best feeling in the freaking world to get those phone calls, even if its no longer than 5 min lol. Soo happy for you! :)