What To Do While Hes Gone

So my boyfriend went back for infantry training about a week ago... After that they are going to send him off.. he says theres a possiblity i wont see him until next summer :( what can i do to keep my self going.. im a senior in highschool and I'm just getting my head in my school work while he is gone but man i sure do miss him we had so much fun together and thats a long time from now... What can I do to keep my self occupied to not wind up obsessed with my phone and waiting for any moment we can talk I just want to keep my self happy for both of us I love him so much
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

He's also gone to combat training in san Diego... And that's probably because after that's over they ship them off right after training is over... But my bf says you get to pick where you want to go but don't worry it won't be so bad especially if he knows what he's doing over there... My bf is starting his training next week though but yea that's what I'm doing... I'm having second thoughts about college though I'm in Cosmo and he said I can get a job as a barber or something over there haha my bf is making all these plans for me to go live with him so that's why I just want to make time fly so o can graduate and leave!

Do you know where he's going? They are sending mine off to combat training and told him to get a government issued passport. They won't tell him why but it makes me sooo nervous! Especially reading this! The way I see it though, is the president isn't going to do anything until after the election. Hopefully you will see him!! If not, stay busy and focus on school and gettin into college!! Focus on you and keep busy. You can do it! :)