My boyfriend just recently enlisted into the Marines, and I'm really scared. He leaves for boot camp as early as December, which means we still have some time, but I'm still worried. I've assured him that I'll still be here every time he comes home, and that I'm going to support him. I really need some friends who understand, though, because none of my friends know what this is like. I don't even know what it's like yet. So will any of you help me out or talk to me? He and I plan on getting married when I get out of college. I know he's the one, I just need help getting through this.
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I've been with my boyfriend for a year and I was there by his side the day he swore in. I told him I knew what I was signing up for and we can do this. As time got closer I got more nervous and doubted myself. But he just left September 10th for Parris Island and I feel so confident in our relationship. It hurts like hell but it is amazing the new confidence I have gained in our relationship. I am more in love with him then I ever have been before. Getting letters from him makes my day, even though they are only a few short sentences. It really makes you appreciate your relationship and makes it stronger. If you can get through this, you can get through anything. I have about two more months left to go but I know it will fly by. Don't be scared. Be excited. It's a new chapter and be proud of him and support him completely. He is doing an amazing thing for his country. When he is gone, stay positive. As much as you want to say you've been crying, don't. He needs to know you are ok on your own and he doesn't need to worry about you while he is gone. Just stay positive and tell him how proud of him you are. I'm here if you need support! We all do :) Hope this helps!

thanks so much! that definitely helped (:

Oh i forgot to suggest this....i had my boyfriend leave a voicemail on my cell phone so i would be able to hear his voice whenever i need it...definitely helps a lot...especially when im having a really hard time

yeah i already thought about doing that actually (: it's a really good idea!

I agree with jkedz! Spend as much time with him as possible and just think about how awesome it's going to be when he gets back from bootcamp. Yes, you will cry like a baby the day he leaves (like me)... But! 3 months go by flying once you start getting those letters, that also make you cry.. of happiness lol.. of course always write write write.... Never stop. Keep yourself busy, with school, work, gym, little projects, volunteering, hanging out with friends etc.... And about a party for his 10 days, I would definitely recommend you do it. I surprised Nestor with a bunch of friends at my house and he loved it!! He wouldn't stop saying how thankful and happy he was for what I did lol. We are all here to support each other, so welcome and you will be fine. Remember it only gets better! :)

thanks so muchh! i'll be sure to do that <3 ya'll are great.

My boyfriend just left for Bootcamp today. December will come quickly but so will the 13 weeks he is away! Until December comes, spend as much time as possible with him. And take lots of pictures!! He is going to want you to send them all! Stock up on stamps, stationary, and plain envelopes (they open mail in front of everyone). Just assume the day he leaves is going to suck because it will but keep thinking about when he comes home. Once he does leave: keep busy by trying to find a flight, hotel, making t-shirts, etc. for his graduation day. Think about planning a big party for his 10 days leave. Start learning your "Marine Lingo" to impress him. Start writing the second he leaves. I was told to not expect a letter until the end of week 2 but write every day and just mail them all at once (remember to date them so its less confusing - weekday and number). Remember...It's going to be okay!!!!!

do i really write one everyday? thanks for your help <3