He Just Left...

My boyfriend of practically 7 years just left for bootcamp this morning. He had his swearing in this morning in Brooklyn but I couldn't stop crying long enough to drive to go watch it. I've already written two letters and printed 15 pictures to mail to him once we find out his mailing address at Parris Island. I've ordered almost $400 of "Marine Girlfriend" sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs, blankets, stickers, etc. I can't wait until Family Day December 20th and graduation the 21st. Only 87 days and counting. I even made a link-chain out of red construction paper (his battalion color) to help count down. I love him more than anything! I miss him so much! I'm sitting here wearing his claddagh ring and in his sweatshirt and I just can't stop crying. Please someone tell me this gets easier???

Marine girlfriends - the strongest girls that God paired with the toughest guys!

I love you! I believe in you! You are strong! You are my HERO!
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

Hey! To answer your question: yes it does get easier! I see you are very creative so with that being said, seems like you will be doing just fine about keeping busy :) ... It's okay to cry because you miss him, but its ridiculous how time flies ... And soon you will look back and see how much easier things are. Just stay patient and never stop supporting your man :)

aw girl dont cry to much :p haha like thats going to happen... i cry alot sometimes too it becomes a normal thing
truly it doesnt get any easier but you get way stronger so it seems easier if that makes any sence.
your so close girl dec 20! it may not seem like it but soon you will be one week away from it and think your bad *** for making it :)
keep writing him those letters he is going to love them.
i have a lot of marine stuff too not $400 worth but i wish i did :D i love being moto for my boyfriend show him how proud i am of him.
stay strong and semper fi girl.
if you ever want to talk feel free to message me :)