It's One Of Those Nights.

It's one of those nights where i'm so exhausted but I just can't sleep.
All I can do is think about the wonderful memories my boyfriend and I have had in the past four years.
I can feel myself getting weaker and weaker everyday and I hate it.
I hate not being strong enough to be okay through all of this. Expecially since he just joined the Marines four months ago. I know it's probably because im not used to it, but I just want my Marine home already. :(
One of my best friends boyfriend is in the Navy and it is SO NICE to have such a close friend i grew up with go threw generally the same things. She's been having a harder time with it then me and I told her about this site so maybe shell join soon.

On nights like this I think about the conversations my friend and i have about how our military men go through so much more then we do. We have our daily routine that we're accustomed too but our men are under constant stress and any day can be different. So being a military girlfriend, i have to shrug these feelings of loneliness off and remember he will be home one day.
I know this keeps jumping from topic to topic but i guess im just venting.
Venting feels good right about now. Haha.

Speaking of venting, i hate hearing about girls having to drive an hour to see their boyfriend of two weeks. its just like i would kill to have my marine an hour away, safe and close to where i could drive to him at any moment.
I understand what it feels like to miss your significant other but come on! Be happy theyre only a hour away.

Ugh, I feel like im going insane,

although this is a great deal of stress and the bags under my eyes show the loss of sleep from a mile away, i wouldnt trade any of it. I love him with all my heart and ill do anything to be back in his arms again. No matter what it takes.
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Nights are the worst for me as well seriously when AJ's not here i barely sleep. We all have bad just go with them you allowed to have them bottling it up just makes everything a whole lot worse so cry scream shout do whatever you have to today to just have a better tomorrow!! Its good you have a friend speak to her both of you have a day or two where you both ***** like mad and eat ice cream and pizza until you cant anymore watch chick flicks and paint each others toe nails whatever have a ***** session and i promise you'll feel a hundred times better - good luck hope you better!!

Yeah we decided to start planning days like that. It is very hard to sleep and I just got back from Europe and I couldn't sleep at all cause I just wished he was there. Thank you for the support! And ill try my best not to keep it bottled up. :)

I understand the feeling. Some days I feel like I'm not strong enough to even leave my bed in the morning..but I always do. You just have to take it day by day and remember that your marine wanted this and joined for a reason. I miss my boyfriend like crazy, but I couldn't be more proud of him. And don't ever think you're not strong enough. You ARE strong. Think about everything you've already made it through...most girls couldn't do it. :) Honestly, what gets me through each day is knowing that the distance is only temporary. I know it feels like the day you will see your man again will never get here, but it will. :) You got this girl! Message me if you ever need to vent some more, I'm pretty good at that too. ;)

Haha okay I will. And yeah I'm starting to slowly get better at this. I get more and more excited everyday knowing I'm one step closer to seeing him :) but the three years before he left were crazy rocky so I'm sure all of the hardships we had helped prepare us for him leaving. I just wish time machines were invented already ! Hahah

You guys will be that much stronger after everything. :) lol tell me about it! Or even teleports :p

Haha exactly! We need to invent something quick!

Thank you. :) I know it gets easier, it's just the path to it is pretty bumpy. That's really sweet you and if I have any questions at all I will be sure to ask. I do have one though, how long did it take before everything got easier for you?

hang in there hunny =] i know you probably hear "it gets easier" from people but it really does! my Marine has been in for 2 years with bunch of training and a 18 month deployment. im here for any questions you have or if u wanna add my facebook to chat please just let me know. I know if i cant answer a question for you, my man will surely chime in with the answer <3 Sophie